Salut Salon – sensational string quartet from Germany

Salut Salon – sensational string quartet from Germany April 6, 2014

Thanks to Deacon Greg Kandra (The Deacon’s Bench) for posting this wonderful YouTube video that will make you smile even if you don’t feel like it. These ladies of “Salut Salon” are artistic and fun. Their performance is another reason why we need arts education, folks.  They call themselves “a Chamber Music acrobatic ensemble.”

This paragraph is from their website (that Google will translate for you):

“Ludwig van Beethoven is often quoted as saying: “I will grab fate by the throat, all bow down to me not certain,” Because he was working on his second symphony and already knew his deafness. Music is just quite suitable to accommodate all the world’s pain and turn it into passions of life – destiny questions are not asked in such moments. Music helps away – not only, but also about destinies. Painful confessions of loss and lie about are sung somehow easier to bear.”



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