The imprudence of a martyr

The imprudence of a martyr March 21, 2015
Luis Espinal Camps, SJ (Ignatian Solidarity blog)
Luis Espinal Camps, SJ (Ignatian Solidarity blog)

I am pleased to post this story from John Donaghy’s blog “I Walk the Way.” John is a Jesuit-educated associate of the Dubuque-based Franciscan Sisters of the Holy Family.

“The imprudence of a martyr” is about the Spanish-born Fr. Luis Espinal, SJ (1932 – 1980):

“Luis Espinal was a print and television journalist, as well as a movie critic. His work revealed the oppression and injustice at the root of the Bolivian political and social system of his day.”

CLICK HERE to continue reading at “I Walk the Way”



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