Elizabeth “Liz” Thoman, Media Literacy Pioneer, Memorial Planned

Elizabeth “Liz” Thoman, Media Literacy Pioneer, Memorial Planned January 11, 2017


Sister Elizabeth “Liz” Thoman, CHM died on December 22, 2019. She was a media literacy education pioneer, advocate, and educator.

Here is a link to her obituary: Sr. Elizabeth Thoman, Media Literacy Leader Dies

Here is a link to my essay about her, written in gratitude for her life, work, and influence on my life:

Sister Elizabeth Thoman Altered the Course of My Life

To RSVP for the Memorial Service, click here (or copy and paste): cml@medialit.org

If you come, bring a memory to share! Or you can write it here in the comment section and I will forward to Tessa Jolls for a memorial page on the website of the Center for Media Literacy that Liz founded.

Thank you!


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