Tights and a cape

Tights and a cape October 7, 2003

Teresa Nielsen Hayden shares the stories of real-life, modern-day superheroes "Angle-Grinder Man" and "Super Barrio" and muses on "the urge to put on a costume and hit the streets." A-G Man:

has been trawling London for four months dressed in a homemade superhero outfit, complete with gold lamé underpants and cape, removing the security boots from people’s illegally parked cars.

Superbarrio, meanwhile, patrols Mexico City on behalf of the poor and downtrodden: "For the past 10 years, he has stood as the champion of the working class, the poor and the homeless."

That's my kind of superhero. Although I'm not sure a man described as "corpulent" should be wearing "scarlet-and-canary tights and cape."

(For the record, I never wear my "slacktivist" costume while blogging anymore. Well, almost never.)

And speaking of superheroes and their costumes — Rubbernun directs our attention to some of the optional costumes and accessories that come with the President Flightsuit action figure.

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