Queue me

Queue me February 18, 2008

OK, so I’m headed to the Northeast Kingdom for the next week and will be mostly away from the Web.

The last time I did this, more than a year ago, I posted a series of open threads asking for book/music/movie recommendations. I’m still working my way through those suggestions, but that’s no reason not to keep adding to the list.

Somewhere to the right side of your screen is a nifty little widget displaying my Netflix list. Help me out here. What’s missing? What’s there that doesn’t need to be there?

Obviously, movies I’ve already seen (or already own) won’t be on that list, and you’ll have no way of knowing whether a particular movie I Really Ought To See is missing from that list because I’ve already seen it or because I’ve shamefully and inexplicably never heard of it, but I don’t see any way around that particular inefficiency. It’s not really a problem, though, since recommendations of things I have already seen will either prompt me to nod agreeably and think “Ah, yes, that was a good one” or to think “What on earth? That movie was awful.” The ensuing conversation, in either case, is usually great fun.

So please let me know what I’ve forgotten that shouldn’t be neglected, and what I’ve included that probably should be left out. We could complicate the game here, for bonus points (and to prevent my Netflix queue from stretching beyond my reasonable life expectancy): For every recommended addition to my list, also recommend one subtraction.

(Or not — no one’s really keeping track of the bonus points anyway, and even if we were it’d be like those Skee-Ball arcades on the boardwalk, where watching all those tickets coming out of the machine is always more fun than trading them in for the junk behind the counter.)

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