A noble mind o’erthrown

A noble mind o’erthrown March 10, 2008

The pattern is the usual one.

GcStep 1: Someone gets his (usually “his”) username/IP address banned from an online forum for generally acting like Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction.

Step 2: He gets a new username/IP address to sidestep the ban and his first post, always, is some variation of “I won’t be ignored, Dan!”

Step 3: Lather, rinse, repeat and demonstrate four out of five of Kubler-Ross’ stages of grief in long angry-denying-depressed-bargaining screeds that demand a detailed response to a long series of enumerated points and sub-points.

The latter two steps don’t seem like a reasonable or constructive response to getting banned from an online forum, but then again reasonable and constructive don’t seem to be these folks’ fortes.

Que sera sera.

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