Election prediction

Election prediction April 22, 2008

So yes, I voted this morning. Had I realized that the past six weeks would be like this I would never have complained so much in the past about our primary being too late to make any difference.

Our polls close at 8 p.m. or, rather, when the last person in line by 8 p.m. finishes voting — and there will be lines.

I’ve seen dozens of opinion polls in the past week. Taken together, they point to a single undeniable trend, so let me make a bold prediction: John McCain will win the Republican primary here in Pennsylvania.

You heard it here first.

As far as the Democratic side, the only clear trend the polls seem to agree on is that the candidates’ names are Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

In any case, starting tomorrow we shouldn’t have to put up with another visit from Chris Matthews et. al. any time soon. That’s something every Pennsylvanian can agree to celebrate.

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