Catching up

Catching up January 6, 2009

There's that moment in a race when you're about to get lapped and you look in the rearview mirror and see the other driver coming up on you. With a bit of creative delusion and the power of positive thinking you can, at that moment, pretend that you're actually ahead of the other guy.

After a string of LB Saturdays and LB Mondays and what threatens, this week, to turn into a Left Behind Wednesday, I'm thinking that a bit of that sort of creative delusion might be useful here. That way instead of being unforgivably late with last week's installment, I'd have a nice head-start on getting this week's posted on time.

That might also provide a bit of breathing room to allow for things like taking that doctoral dissertation I seem to be writing on Rick Warren and Rich Cizik and breaking it into manageable pieces that I might actually, you know, post, and perhaps even post about some other things occasionally as well as if this were an actual blog or something.

(If you're still in school, by the way, this approach is often good advice there. When the professor is assigning chapters 17 and 18 to be read before the next class and you're still somewhere back around Chapter 6, it's admirable to resolve that this is the week you're going to plow through the book and read all the way through and catch up in one great, grand orgy of studiousness, but if you're at all like me then the cumulative weight of all that reading may make the chances of that actually happening fairly slim. You're better off going home and reading the current assignment and then, as time allows, going back and catching up on the stuff you've skipped over later. That's not quite what I'll be doing here, since I won't actually be skipping the next section of Left Behind in order to catch up this week, but you get the idea.)

Anyway, sorry and thanks, etc.

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  • Not Really Here (Really, JayH. The garlic knots are full of goodness. CSI: Miami, not so much. )

    And so, I sit watching my little Windows Vista animated circle go round and round and round while my post doesn’t get posted, then I hit reload, and my post doesn’t appear, so I hit post again, and, hey, look, double post, three minutes apart.

  • Jeff

    And having said that, I just realized the phrase “lapped himself” could be open to a wide variety of interpretations, not all of them racing related, some of them pornographic.
    They may not be racing related, but they sound racy (and HIGHLY flexible!).

  • Wenzer

    now all I can think about is: Jesus miracle cheesecake. That must be the ultimate dessert. Wow.
    Tastes like real cheesecake, has the mouthfeel of real cheesecake, and zero calories. I can has Jesus miracle cheezcake?

  • Salamanda

    I can has Jesus miracle cheezcake?
    U can haz!
    Ok, well, it’s close…

  • Yeltar

    Caravelle: Kit Whitfield is Mika’s sockpuppet!
    Salamanda: Now THAT I believe. I’ve been owned by enough cats. :)
    OMG! Good thing I’m not (handcover)-puppeting for MY herd, a mere sock would not do it. I’d need the whole glove. Two whole gloves! :)
    Count me for another who can scarcely wait for the Rick ‘n Rich Show. Hee!
    W,F,W! :)

  • Salamanda (who is at least using the dead thread to incite a flamewar, rather than hijacking a more

    *sigh* There’s too much NICE around here. So.
    Cute, fuzzy, adorable kittens: oven-roasted or deep-fried?
    We don’t have much Thursday left, people, so let’s make it good!

  • Hawker Hurricane

    Cat: It’s what’s for dinner!