‘I want to follow a leader … I want to follow …’

‘I want to follow a leader … I want to follow …’ October 26, 2011

I apologize for showing you this, but I do not have the words to describe it, to capture the experience of seeing and hearing it for yourself, or to convey the many levels and layers and meaning going on here.


Again, I apologize for showing you that.

I wanted to say something more about that song’s insistence on religious tests for public office and its expression of an earnest desire for an authoritarian power to tell us what to do, and to talk about how those aren’t really compatible with being a citizen in a pluralistic democracy with the rule of law, but I’m afraid watching that has left me a little dizzy and nauseous and I’m finding it hard to concentrate.

But just remember: There’s no such thing as dominionism; it’s a tiny fringe with no influence on public figures like Rick Perry; and it’s people who voted for Obama who are motivated by messianic delusions about political figures.

The following video is offered as compensation for making you watch the one above, and to allow Sister Rosetta to remind us all that when you’re singing about Jesus it shouldn’t, and doesn’t have to, suck.

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