Cleaning out the bookmarks

Cleaning out the bookmarks December 12, 2011

Just as the grocery store periodically puts the browner bananas on sale, I try to clear out my bookmarks every little bit to make room for the fresher inventory.

I bookmarked most of these fully intending to return to them someday, eventually, later to write something thoughtful or reflective about them. But since that’s apparently not going to happen, I’ll just randomly toss them out here for your enjoyment, amusement, entertainment or confusion.

The image to the right is from artist Jim LePage’s Word Bible Designs. He’s got poster designs for every book of the Bible, but this one might be my favorite.

Illustrator Dave DeVries’ Monster Engine is another pretty cool series of paintings (via) involving his realistic paintings based on sketches by very young children.

I’m less impressed by graphic designer Adam Ross’ “True Clean Towel,” which seems to be for people who like to dry off before they’re done washing off. If you’re grossed out by the idea that you might be drying your face with the part of the towel you previously used to dry your … let’s say feet, then I think maybe you should probably do a better job washing your feet.

Then again, John’s Gospel seems to support the idea behind the True Clean Towel: “Jesus said to him, ‘One who has bathed does not need to wash, except for the feet, but is entirely clean.'”

ESP proponents claim that ESP skeptics are psychic, and use their powers to suppress ESP

They’re on to us. Concentrate harder.

Skeptical types who don’t believe in ESP probably don’t believe in chiropractic medicine either. Or that demons have been captured on film. Or that water fluoridation is a socialist plot.

But at least they won’t be fooled by the latest hilarious character by Sasha Baron Cohen.

Relevant magazine presents “10 Reasons Christians Should Care About Science.” It’s not a bad list. It’s just that the fact of it is so depressing.

Over the years I’ve read so many of these — all valid, earnest, truthful arguments for “10 Reasons Christians Should Care About Art” or “10 Reasons Christians Should Care About the Poor” or “10 Reasons Christians Should Care About History” or “10 Reasons Christians Should Care About the Environment” or “10 Reasons Christians Should Care About the Fraying Rope Attached to the Pulley Holding a Grand Piano Above Their Heads.” And I begin to despair that the sort of people who need to be persuaded to “Care About” these things are probably people who are very unlikely to ever actually care about such things.

(Jack Chick*Brett Favre)+Tim Tebow = Awesome

The King’s English — 100 phrases from the King James Version in 3 minutes

Restaurant Opportunities Centers offers the Roc National Diners’ Guide 2012.

“If you are only taking on problems that can be solved within your lifetime, you’re not thinking long-term enough.”

Wes Jackson said that in Austin, Texas, at an event called “An Afternoon with Wendell Berry and Wes Jackson.” Pretty much the coolest thing to hit Austin since SXSW.

Linda Holmes’ take on “How I Met Your Mother: The Optimism of Inevitability” reminds me of something we kicked around a while back in a post called “Alternate Endings,” except from the other direction. You can’t always know what the story means until you know how the story ends. And vice versa.

Amazing photos via Phil Plait: “Top 16 Pictures from Space 2011

Amazing photos via Phil Plait: “Top 14 Solar System Pictures of 2011

Amazing photos via Phil Plait: “One guy fooling around with the Moon

Amazing photos v … wait, you know what? It’s probably just easier if you subscribe to the RSS feed for Phil Plait’s Bad Astronomy blog, because he posts really cool photos like those linked above on a regular basis.

Finally, under the proposed Stop Online Piracy Act and Protect IP Act, this sort of thing might become illegal:

I very much prefer to live in a world in which it is not illegal. I realize that the use of Mariah Carey’s recording there is probably unlicensed, but still, if this sort of thing is outlawed, we all lose.

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