Backing off of the North East wind

Backing off of the North East wind March 3, 2012

We are who God says we are.”

“My southern ears hear Franklin Graham’s words clearly. … I hear the dog whistle, Franklin. Put it away.”

It is a living argument from the living gospels, and rooted in the traditions and history within which Cone grew up in Fordyce, Ark., and if that makes people who didn’t grow up in Fordyce, Ark., under Jim Crow quiver a bit in their Christian complacence, well, that’s just the way it is.”

We are all children of God, and today I call upon our legislators and I call upon the people of this state who elected them to live up to that higher calling and call for the repeal of a law that brings only hate, fear and separation.”

Never let that seed be planted …”

There is no better way to mobilize the faithful than to tell them that their faith is under attack. And this approach raises questions too about the theological self-confidence of those who call the troops to battle.”

“But my problem was, in order to be in that life you have to be a mean, mean person.”

“What sort of person would you be if you’re covering the economic devastation of a growing part of the country and don’t have an opinion about it? I don’t want to be that kind of person.”

We worry about what people are doing in bed much more than making sure everybody has a bed to begin with. There certainly is a need for a life-giving sexual morality, but one could question whether Christian nations have found it yet.”

“So the storyline of Americans’ sentiments towards regulations is the same as the storyline of Americans’ sentiments towards government programs: They hate them all, they love them each.”

From our industry’s perspective, the footprints of climate change are around us and the trend of increasing damage to property and threat to lives is clear.”

What they want is a patchwork system where your ability to access health care is at the whim of your employer, who can insert himself into the relationship between you and your doctor and arbitrarily deny you any procedure he doesn’t think people should be allowed to have.”

“I cause nausea, cramps, and occasionally-fatal cases of dysentery. But you sir, have gone too far.”

“Reading the Bible can indeed lead to people losing their faith, if their faith was placed in the Bible, which they believed to be inerrant. But that is only a natural (or perhaps nearly inevitable) outcome if one has accepted the aforementioned view of the Bible, and placed one’s faith in the Bible, allowing it to become the foundation for one’s faith, despite the Bible’s own insistence that one’s foundation should be elsewhere.”

“It was the people that rallied together to rebuild this church. It will be the people who will rebuild the church that is on fire.”

Whisperado does not normally perform in black suits and ties.”

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