Running to Stand Still

Running to Stand Still March 18, 2012

Please take a seat in the shaming room. A middle-aged, male state legislator will be with you in a moment.”

Governor I have a rash on the back of my hand. Please let me know when I can come over and you can look at it and prescribe some medication.”

“To Erma and all of you old feminists? I’m not sitting here any more.”

“I’ve never built a wiki page before; yesterday I built two. We are not helpless.”

This is so that Amina’s memory remains alive. We don’t want her death to be in vain.”

I’m going to show you two kinds of nothing.” (via)

A Cameron’s Kick is a classic cocktail that appears in the legendary Savoy cocktail book from the 1930s.”

“We still have not found out why they chose Upper Darby high school to do their praises to Jesus and run around naked in the parking lot.”

“Once settled in my seat, it’s unavoidable. Violent, arresting, off-putting: the smell of feces.”

When holiness is only about abstaining from things, then holiness is only about us. It’s about what we do for ourselves, with only ourselves.”

So where is the evidence of this moral decline?

“People who care for children, elderly people, and disabled folks of all ages in home settings make it possible for the rest of us to head to our jobs, yet they’re consistently left out of basic labor protections. That’s finally starting to change.”

So what is a right-to-work law, anyway?

Why I got laid off nine months ago, in one graph.

“Our brothers & sisters are on the side of the road, bleeding, bruised, and with no ability to find safe shelter since the one place they should be able to find comfort & spiritual care is the very place that jacked them up in the first place.”

“Not only should we not expect all Biblical prophecy to be fulfilled even from a conservative Christian or Jewish perspective – it is the whole point of such prophecy to try to avoid its fulfillment.”

“There was a day, not so long ago, when an issue like this would have had my little fundamentalist self all tied up in knots.”

“The only way forward in a pluralistic society of diverse faiths such as ours is to have laws that protect and respect the freedom of all, equally.”

“The difference was [Cardinal Richard] Cushing’s endorsement and his belief that ‘freedom’ in this context meant that Catholics should ‘not seek to impose by law their moral view on other members of society.’

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