In God’s Country

In God’s Country March 21, 2012

“Former Rep. Mark Neumann, R-Wis., has learned the hard way not to bring a pig to a news conference.”

“If God made humans from dust, then why is there still dust?

“And I was still the same person,” Les says. “More so. More like the fun person I remembered from 30-odd years ago,” Scott says.

I hope that by meeting our kids you can understand the pain and anguish you help to cause.”

“The point being, the lesson of the positive skew, is that the distance between being middle class and being poor is very, very small.”

“Where they come from, Romney’s wealth doesn’t need justification. It is the justification.”

“‘These are all men of good repute, with a legacy of service,’ according to Cavendish, the Romneys’ Head of Household Staff.”

“How very kind: To protect poor Americans from being demeaned, Ryan is cutting their anti-poverty programs and using the proceeds to give the wealthiest Americans a six-figure tax cut.”

If they were all part of a religious group that demanded the adorning of the self with orange on the fifth day, they could not have been fired, according to Florida law.”

‘Person.’ ‘Person.’ ‘Corporate Asset.’

“Based on that fog-headed explanation, which not even Cheech could explain to Chong, Smith’s urine should be the first to get screened.”

“It seems almost silly to think that anyone would want to scale back the amount of regulatory control on the safety of medical devices, and a new poll shows that an overwhelming number of Americans believe in strong oversight of these products.”

“It is our responsibility, as always, to protect our patients from things that would harm them. Therefore, as physicians, it is our duty to refuse to perform a medical procedure that is not medically indicated.” (via Geds)

“Most people, faithful or not, do not accept the theology that a woman can have an abortion before she is pregnant.”

“But again, he cited nothing more than his own considerable moral certitude as evidence.”

“If Lawrence O’Donnell Jr. is on this case, then it’s because he’s lived it once before, even though this one is immeasurably worse.”

I hope Fox News is proud of their business model.”

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