Do you like the things that life is showing you?

Do you like the things that life is showing you? March 26, 2012

Has someone been peeking at my Christmas list?

You can’t preach the Gospel to a dead person.”

“Compare the number of times in scripture that Jesus broke bread and shared story in the streets and homes where people lived, versus how many times he invited people to church.”

Religion’s relevance to this is that it’s a quick shorthand for these more important, but difficult to articulate values.”

“It happened under Reagan, and it is American evangelicalism’s political sin.”

“Vineyarders may implore God to help fellow-members of their church, but otherwise, in Luhrmann’s account, pretty much everything seems to be about themselves.”

“We have nothing to fear from those who do not believe in God; we have much to fear from those who do not believe in sin.”

“When I’m faced with a tough decision I won’t hesitate to make a sin offering — an intern, or a young bullock, or even seven rams without blemish — to make sure we restore our values and get people working again.”

“It takes a great deal to shock even us, and this may be one of the most-shocking and disgusting stories we’ve ever done.”

This is about sex and property, not life and morality.”

No one has been killed, yet, with a Nutrageous in his hand.”

“History shows that it is always the aristocracy that behaves in spendthrift ways, not the middle class.”

“Marked by a liquidation of the public sector, the destruction of pensions and facilities for the aged, an explosion of student-borne costs in higher education, and intense competition for jobs by desperate workers on the brink of pauperism, Florida’s predicament is a tiny slice of Greece in the Most Magical Place on Earth.” (via)

“Resignation reflected in their eyes as they glanced over their shoulders to the dead end of the street where you can still see the light from the burn off of the oil refinery, for now.”

Congress’s addiction to short-term transportation bills could actually be holding back infrastructure investments around the country.”

A state-by-state, nation-wide repeal of the death penalty once seemed impossible, but now that movement is steadily gaining momentum across the United States.”

(Today’s title in honor of Diana Ross, who turns 68 today.)

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