Just remember that you’re standing on a planet that’s evolving

Just remember that you’re standing on a planet that’s evolving March 29, 2012

Tonight I think no poetry will serve

“He was a giant and his influence was felt across the music world.”

Violence against women is as American as apple pie.”

I don’t want this to happen to anybody else.”

“Common to human experience, [Jürgen] Moltmann proposes, is the experience of godforsakenness.”

“Moltmann’s theology is based on the idea that God is fundamentally in solidarity with the human condition.”

“What’s clear from Philadelphia and Kansas City, however, is that when push comes to shove, the apologies can turn out to be lip service.”

“We must admit that there might be elements of the ‘Catholic culture’ that have contributed either to the abuse or to the poor response to abuse.”

“Robert George sits on the board of a foundation that contributes to at least three extreme anti-Islam organizations.”

“The attacker is a non-state actor that inflicted violence on an innocent civilian to send a political statement intimidating the American Muslim and Arab communities.”

“According to the flier, people should boycott the American Cancer Society because the group supports ‘the Marxist Obamacare plan’ and is insufficiently ‘pro-life.’

“That’s because — being death panels, after all — she believed imaginary grim reapers masquerading as bureaucrats would order women to have abortions rather than carry a pregnancy to term.”

“Members of the Christian right continued doggedly spreading stories of Girl Scout-sponsored, Planned Parenthood-funded sex workshops.”

“I wish conservatives would just say ‘we disagree with the Girl Scouts’ position on gender equality‘ or ‘we disagree on the Girl Scouts’ support of comprehensive sex education’ and just leave it at that.”

“They do not believe in the regulation of rates of businesses. That’s communism. I will be standing in support of this business and the need that they have.”

“Why do politicians prefer to talk about fixing Social Security? It’s precisely because it’s so easy to fix.”

“It is essential that faith leaders equip themselves with an understanding of immigrant rights, so they can share information with their congregations and provide immigrants with the confidence to regain control over their decisions and affirm their human rights.”

“That’s the sort of choice people are having to make in Bangladesh these days, because almost everything that climate change is expected to bring is already here.”

Speaking of Jubilee prohibited in House of Representatives.

(Post title from “The Galaxy Song,” by Eric Idle, who turns 69 today.)

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