It’s a fool who plays it cool

It’s a fool who plays it cool April 8, 2012

I love Wegman’s. Wegman’s selection and customer service are fantastic. We shop there whenever we can afford it. We hardly ever shop there.

Right-wing “artist” Jon McNaughton paints Barack Obama as William Lloyd Garrison.

New Hampshire’s House of Representatives is still too big.

Handmaids of the Lordvs.Saints of the Roundtable

People hate those whom they fear, and they fear those whom they have wronged.”

“John Derbyshire is a racist. Declaring such does not require an act of mind-reading, it requires an act of Derbyshire-reading.”

Derbyshire fits into a tradition of a particular type of conservative who ends up a bit too far in the deep end and has to be let go lest his antediluvian views on race tarnish the whole enterprise he is associated with.”

“Since we live in a low-lying coastal region, you can thank the majority of that 100 million when the water comes lapping at your door due to climate change.”

Whatever hurts a part of the community affects the entirety of our community.”

“I find it disheartening that a man of God would refuse to extend a pastoral arm.”

“Under current U.S. immigration law, over 200,000 immigrants are imprisoned every year during their deportation hearings without any individual assessment of their risk to public safety or their vulnerability in detention.”

“In most cases the tyranny of the majority, once unconstrained by the law, proceeds to do its level best to silence all dissenting voices through threats, intimidation, violence, or simply peer pressure.”

Why is my womb attached to a transportation bill?

“Congress could easily eliminate fraud by abusive tax preparers … and save taxpayers billions of dollars annually, by simply ending mandatory filing of tax returns for most taxpayers.” (via)

It is inexplicable that the right would feel the need to tell lies about the Volt to attack the president.”

“Only 30 or so were made last year, each custom tailored to the owner’s hand.”

“There’s a whole Universe out there just waiting to be discovered, and what’s out there may be more fantastic than anyone has ever imagined.”

“Were we to honor the symbolic details of the text, that honor would always belong to a woman.”

Our visions of Hell are the product of a long process — not a neatly transmitted one — that blended Hebrew, Greek, Roman, and other mythologies.”

Eclipsed … mocked … destroyed … abolished … made captive.” (via)

“Free those who all their lives were held in slavery by their fear of death.”

A grave is no place to live.”

(Post title for Julian Lennon on his 49th birthday.)

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