Bleibe, reste, stay.

Bleibe, reste, stay. April 11, 2012

I’m very grateful to Commodore and Jack Tramiel.”

“It is unclear at this point whether God will even bother to offer anyone his apparently useless endorsement in the general election.”

“The US report said the teen birth rate was down across all racial groups and all areas of the country.”

“The 275 newly ordained diocesan priests in the US outnumbered the number of newly accused child sex offender priests by only five.”

“The church has made a spectacle of itself by promoting an immature version of sexuality.”

“I find the Wisdom literature of the Old Testament to be a better framing than the Protestant worry about escaping the wrath of an angry God.”

“I was stunned at how thoroughly the film was shaped by the worldview articulated by Rushdoony a half century ago.”

“It was a mistake to scrap a major public works project during a weak economy; it was a bigger mistake to explain the move with dishonest claims.”

“Ryan is still wrong on all counts and particularly wrong about the idea that subsidiarity is a code word for ‘Republican vision of small government.’

“Most users of the term tend to forget one crucial element of the subsidiarity principle: larger organizations are always obligated to step in to coordinate or supplement the activities of smaller organizations when such action is necessary to protect human rights and serve the common good.”

“If feeding the poor is your goal, one would think, you should be happy to get all the help you can get.”

“The government provides 94 percent of funding of anti-hunger efforts, and each of America’s 325,000 religious congregations would have to contribute an additional $1.5 million to replace federal anti-poverty programs.”

“Soooo … basically, we do it, like, exactly opposite to the way Jesus did.”

“Will you help us hold State Farm, Johnson & Johnson and AT&T accountable for supporting voter suppression and Kill at Will bills?”

Presidents Reagan and Obama agree” on the Buffett Rule.

A projection from 1981 for rising temperatures in a major science journal, at a time that the temperature rise was not yet obvious in the observations, has been found to agree well with the observations since then, underestimating the observed trend by about 30 percent.”

“Installing one GW of offshore wind power would create 1,628 new jobs and bring $188.5 million into local economies in the construction phase alone.”

List of offshore wind farms in Denmark

List of offshore wind farms in the United States

(Post title honors the great Joel Grey on his 80th birthday.)

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