A big ball of wibbly wobbly … timey wimey … stuff

A big ball of wibbly wobbly … timey wimey … stuff April 18, 2012

If I had a band-aid on my finger and you asked why, it’d be kind of cool if I could say, “I was bitten by a Magellanic penguin.”

Study: Women paid less than men.

Study: White juries more likely to convict black defendants.

Study: Homophobia may reveal denial of own same-sex attraction.

Study: Sunday news show guests skew conservative.

“In Florida’s Palm Beach County alone, Bank of America has sued itself for foreclosure 11 times since late March.”

“They will accommodate their religious views to political considerations and vote for the man who talks about cutting taxes, sending illegal immigrants packing and chopping programs for the poor — Mitt Romney. What the Bible has to say on those issues will not matter much at all.”

“It’s not just that conservative Republicans are indifferent to those who are struggling; the larger truth appears to be that these GOP policymakers seem to have disdain for these Americans.”

“We have a huge problem in the U.S. with elderly and near-elderly who are uninsured and underinsured.”

They are certain, because it is impossible.”

Those in glass churches shouldn’t throw the first Godwin grenade.”

“I only wished the archbishop could have experienced the sustained applause — the ‘sensus fidelium’ — of the people.”

“All life-long committed relationships deserve the welcome, pastoral care and support of the Church.”

“That’s not a bad move because you might be wrong. That’s a bad move because you might be right.” (via)

So they hate you. But [frak] ‘em. Because you are a force of nature, a powerhouse of emotion and talent and stubbornness and potential.” (via)

“At least some, and probably many, of the vocal opponents of ‘illegal immigration’ can’t tell the difference between legal and illegal immigrants. In their eyes, all immigrants are illegal.” (via)

“The Republican right, supported by the conservative majority on the Supreme Court, has decided that freedom of speech is incompatible with equal citizenship.” (via)

You’re not allowed to kill civilians.

“With the right kind of technology, we could harvest the energy of water running downhill through America’s infrastructure.”

France to build 2 GW of offshore wind power as costs of nuclear exposed”

List of offshore wind farms in the United States

(Post title honors David Tennant’s 41st birthday. He doesn’t look a day over 907.)

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