God is not an old man

God is not an old man April 21, 2012

“The others are Nolan Ryan, Tom Seaver, Mike Scott, Dwight Gooden, Hideo Nomo and David Cone.”

“All you hear about in the news is the people who have stayed on public assistance or are leeching off the system, but it’s not about that.”

SNAP benefits are at the very top of the list of stimulative spending, generating $1.73 in the economy for every dollar spent on the program.”

“Here is a summary of global warming and climate change myths, sorted by recent popularity vs what science says.” (via)

“Stereotyping evangelicalism as a whole only fortifies the influence of the political right on a movement that has a much more varied history.”

“As a young evangelical, I see two choices: back out of politics all together, or figure out a better way to do it.”

Imagine if Obama talked about business the way Romney talks about labor.”

“Rafalca receives the best care that money can buy. She has a farrier, a chiropractor, a vet, and a masseuse. Yes, the horse has its own hoof doctor. And masseuse. For massaging.”

“The other thing about Virginia Foxx is that she is personally responsible for so much of the student debt problem in this country.”

“We have some of the greatest health care in the world in this country — so long as you don’t actually need it.”

“I am bitter about the decision to de-fund Planned Parenthood, because without contraception the abortion rate will rise.”

“I think there a lot more of us out here than even we ourselves know — passionate women who believe the body of Christ needs much more than a face-lift to become all it’s meant to be.”

“It seems there’s still something unnerving about a priest who is a woman. It has to do with having a woman’s body.”

Having sex for enjoyment is okay, even for women.”

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