Liars for Jesus: A recent sampling

Liars for Jesus: A recent sampling April 24, 2012

The Family Research Council prays to God:

The administration in power has imposed homosexual practice upon our military and has mandated that religious schools provide contraception, sterilization and abortifacient drugs to all students and staff — at taxpayer expense! … God, the moral breakdown in America is too far gone for men to turn the tide. We need you to do what only you can do, to heal our land. Nevertheless, show us what you want us to do!

In reply, God shows them what God wants them to stop doing:

You shall not bear false witness against your neighbour.

God keeps telling them that, but still they don’t listen.

Televangelist/lobbyist Cindy Jacobs offers a different, but equally weird, claim about the Affordable Care Act. Jacobs says it means that “There’s a computer chip that people would have put in their finger in order to get health care.”

That’s no more true than the FRC’s lies about “abortifacient drugs.” It’s not even in the same solar system as true.

But then, whether it’s due to deliberate dishonesty or just utter detachment from reality, Cindy Jacobs isn’t in the same solar system as true either.

* * * * * * * * *

The busy folks at Right Wing Watch also bring us highlights from the new video from the anti-gay lobbying group Truth in Action Ministries. It’s called Is Our Government Promoting Immorality?

The video features a rogues gallery of religious right activists arguing that homosexuality must be criminalized in the U.S. and around the world. Embattled Southern Baptist spokesman Richard Land appears in the video, speaking against marriage equality, sneering that it is a “path towards sexual paganization.” (That last bit is kind of a twofer slur, I guess.)

As support for the claim that President Obama has a diabolical plan for international gayification, the video highlights this headline from The Guardian: “Gay rights must be criterion for US aid allocations, instructs Obama.

The subhead of the article is blurred out in the video. If you look up the article, you can read what Truth in Action Ministries wanted to hide. The subhead reads: “Memo targets countries’ abuse of sexual minorities, but leading Republicans reject linking cash with equality drive.”

When your agenda requires you to pretend that sexual minorities are never mistreated, you will sometimes have to blur out headlines from the newspaper to make sure that your followers stay just as deceived as you want them to be.

* * * * * * * * *

Russell D. Moore offers a defense of Chuck Colson against un-named and unreferenced “vindictive journalistic pieces slinking out” following the culture warrior’s death.

The remembrances and obituaries written about Colson this week fall into two general categories: Positive and negative.

This corresponds to the two general categories of those who have paid attention to Colson over the past several decades: 1) Those whom Colson was lying to, and 2) Those whom Colson was lying about.

The former — the target audience for Colson’s false witness — have tended to write fond, respectful and uncritical tributes.

The latter — those against whom Colson bore false witness — have tended to paint a less flattering picture.

Moore belongs in the former category. I do not.

* * * * * * * * *

Ralph Cipriano: “What the Cardinal Knew, Or How to Hoover a Pedophile

Why would Cardinal Bevilacqua knowingly consort with two known pedophile priests, and indeed allow his Archdiocese PR machine to parade the two abusers out in public with him? Maybe because the cardinal owned these guys, in the tradition of J. Edgar Hoover. Both Sicoli and Gana knew that their crimes were documented in the archdiocese’s secret archives, and that they served at the whim of the archbishop, who, at the scrawl of a pen, could send them packing. So when it came to Sicoli and Gana, the cardinal had them “Hoovered,” he had their unquestioned loyalty.

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