If I can’t change your mind

If I can’t change your mind May 4, 2012


Reinhold Bieber.

Yeah? You know who else believes in science?

Guns don’t kill people. People with guns kill people.

Politics is weird. And creepy.”

“If there’s a contest for most sympathetic plaintiff in a lawsuit opposing a state voter ID law, Pennsylvania’s Viviette Applewhite wins.”

Their landlords treat them in ways my landlords have never treated me.”

“Complementarianism isn’t working — in marriages and in church leadership — because it’s not actually complementarianism; it’s patriarchy.”

“The contention that [God] was the kind of author who overlaid the glaringly human text with some esoteric meaning recoverable independently of the meaning it had to the original audiences and available only to subsequent theologians reminds me quite a lot of the infamous ‘Bible Codes’ from a couple years back.”

“Even on this pastor’s own terms, I can’t wrap my mind around the magnitude of ignorance in that short tweet.”

“The dramatic cuts of $169 billion to SNAP proposed this year in the U.S. House would have a devastating impact on all of our congregations’ efforts to address increasing need.”

“Romney seems to have forgotten that the firefighters he came face-to-face with are one category of Americans whose economic pain he’s supposed to be in favor of.”

“If I can get them to understand that putting forth legislation might be harmful to even members of their own party, they might think twice.”

It is hard to see how reestablishing a link between productivity and pay can occur without restoring decent and improved labor standards, restoring the minimum wage to a level corresponding to half the average wage (as it was in the late 1960s), and making real the ability of workers to obtain and practice collective bargaining.”

“Nicole Ferko’s $60,000 in student loans made her put off her dream of becoming a nun for a decade.”

“The instant he checked the diabetes box in the medical records system, he assured that no insurance company would touch me at any price.”

“Shoulda carried the goddamn one. That’s the story of US foreign policy right there.”

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