N.C. Amendment One reactions (part 2)

N.C. Amendment One reactions (part 2) May 9, 2012

The theme here seems to be that the arc of the universe is long, but it bends toward justice.

We hope. We hope that it bends toward justice and we hope that it is not too long. Hope has two daughters …

Alvin McEwen:A few words of encouragement to my N.C. brothers and sisters

In the end, those who fight injustice never lose. Those who fight injustice embody the spirit which makes not only this country, but this world what it should be.

Never give up. Never give in. Never allow yourself to be seduced by the orgy of ego if victorious. And if at any time you lose, never give that loss any more power than it deserves, if any at all. Never allow yourself to succumb to the deceptive warmness of the pool of self-pity, discouragement, and hate.

Remember you have been picked to pave a road so that others can easily walk to where they need to be. …

Chris Ayers:History of Gay Rights Movement in North Carolina

On days such as this one it is important to remember the efforts for gay equality that have occurred previously. … What we do today is built on the backs of the courageous people who have stood up for gay equality in the past.

Let us as we peruse this history also be cognizant that much more work remains to be done in the future.

Errington C. Thompson:Disappointing

It will take years to undo the damage that has been done today. … I continually remind myself that Thurgood Marshall did not wake up one day in 1954 and decide it was a good day to take the school board of Topeka to the Supreme Court instead he fought a series of long hard battles which culminated in Brown versus the Board of Education. This is a long road. Breaking down long held beliefs will take time.

Samuel Smith:Amendment One passage in N.C. is the battle that lost the war for conservatives

Those of us who genuinely care about freedom and fairness are more outraged than ever. Outrage is motivating, and by the way, polls show that at least half of Americans support equality for LGBT citizens. It’s about six months until Election Day — how much mobilizing do you think we’re capable of?

Don Taylor:N.C. Passes Amendment One

My 11th-grader especially has been passionately opposed to Amendment 1, and she is disappointed. … I wrote my reasons for voting against Amendment 1, and some gave me feedback that it was too nuanced. For my daughter it was a simple matter of being opposed to denying a particular groups’ civil rights; no nuance whatsoever. That leads me to believe that the Amendment and its result won’t last very long.

Erik Loomis:The Real Lesson of North Carolina

When you decide that elections will determine civil rights, it’s going to bring out the worst elements in the racist and homophobic. But it also brings the debate to the table. We are going to start winning these elections and overturning these laws, and soon.

Mark Evanier: “Twenty years from now, 95 percent of those living in North Carolina now and still alive then will be saying, ‘Well, of course I didn’t vote for it.'”

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