On Christianity and marriage equality (part 2)

On Christianity and marriage equality (part 2) May 17, 2012

More smart and wise recent posts from those of us kicking against the pricks.

Sarah Bessey:I’m an evangelical Christian. And I think same-sex marriage should be legal

As someone raised in a post-Christian culture, now living in a post-same-sex-marriage culture, AND as someone that is a heterosexual evangelical Christian herself, I think that same-sex marriage should be legal –and I think that Christians, even those that believe homosexuality to be a sin, need to back off the issue.

From a purely pragmatic standpoint, it doesn’t affect my own life negatively. For my friends and acquaintances that are GLBT,the ability to have a legal standing on par with heterosexual couples carries weight in every area of their lives. And the fact that two consenting adult people love each other and are committed to one another does not devalue me, my marriage, my religion, or the society I live in. If anything, it has created a more stable, tolerant, and accepting society.

Most of us evangelicals in Canada, regardless of personal beliefs about homosexuality, can admit that since same-sex marriage has been legalised in Canada, our society has not gone to hell in a hand basket, nor has traditional marriage, or our families been under attack. Scare tactics and wild-eyed fear-based rhetoric rarely turns out to be true.  In actual practice, our society has become “live and let live” which is actually a rather tolerant and comfortable place to be.

Karoli:About Gay Marriage and President Obama …

Here’s one final biblical admonition that I try but don’t always succeed at heeding:

“If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.” – Romans 12:18

In the context of marriage equality, it is simple enough for me to heed it and live by it. Same sex marriage does not threaten me or undermine my marriage. It does not elevate anyone above anyone else. Condemning same sex marriage and becoming an advocate for stripping people of happiness and stigmatizing them does not comport with “living at peace with everyone else.”

Kimberly Knight:Coming Out Christian — A New Blog at Patheos

Since I am a Christian I must ground Christian dialogue in a great Book that has formed me. But just as I regard scripture as holy, I do not read it literally nor is it the only source that informs me. Experience, reason and a plethora of great minds are my companions on this journey. Note: all strictly literalist arguments will fall short here, especially if they are not grounded in love. I am not motivated to change your faith. Pray, worship and study as your heart dictates but the time has come to fully live into our national separation of church and state — your faith has no place legislating my civil rights.

David J. Dunn:Why Christian Activism Against Gay Marriage Is Not Very Christian

The politics of the “sheep” are not about working to restrict the civil rights of the “goats.” The “sheep” are able to enter the kingdom of God because, in a way, they have been living in it already. The prophets of Israel hoped for God to establish peace and justice on earth. For Jesus to fulfill the prophets is for that peace and justice to be present in him. The kingdom goes where Jesus goes. If we believe the above verses, that means the kingdom goes where people are hungry, thirsty, sick and imprisoned. When Christians go to those who have no power or voice in society, they are standing in the presence of the kingdom, because they are standing in the presence of their King.

It is not as if people weren’t “gay” back then. The idea of the “homosexual” as a kind of identity is a pretty recent invention, but there is ample evidence from Greek and Roman art and literature that men and women engaged in same-sex acts. Such acts were common enough among Jews that the rabbis who contributed to the Talmud had to address it, sorting out which acts were sinful, why and how much. I am not saying that Jesus did not care about what people did in their bedrooms. My point is that he did not seem to care very much! He certainly cared less about gay sex than the majority of North Carolina’s voters.

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