On Christianity and marriage equality (part 3)

On Christianity and marriage equality (part 3) May 19, 2012

The future looks grim for the anti-gay moralists.”

“In 2005 the Supreme Court made sodomy legal in all 50 states and since then there have been absolutely no reports of anyone turning into a pillar of salt.”

“The most important cultural change that has increased support for same-sex marriage is the equality revolution within heterosexual marriage.”

“It’s a contest between the Golden Rule and the condemnations of homosexual acts in Leviticus and Paul’s Letter to the Romans.”

The literal approach to scripture was used to enslave black people.”

“Homosexual behavior is a fault line splitting Christian denominations in two — Episcopalians, Methodists, Presbyterians, Catholics — there’s even a wide gulf between young and old Evangelicals.”

“My religion has, compels me — and I love it for it — to be against discrimination of any kind in our country, and I consider this a form of discrimination.”

“Opposition to same-sex marriage has dropped, even among evangelicals.”

“When the black president says marriage is for everybody, straight or gay, and that it comes out of his faith, it elicits a visceral response from African-American Christians who have staked their spiritual and social lives on the institution of marriage.”

Sojourners’ Statement on President Obama’s Endorsement of Same-Sex Marriage”

The more conservative churches need to know, need to be reassured that their religious liberty is going to be respected here.”

I’ve given up on [Jim] Wallis and his Sojourners group — which I used to support very strongly — because of Wallis’s refusal to support gay rights.”

He was given an opportunity here to actually be a leader and I guess he didn’t take that leadership role.”

“They had the chance right there to stand up for a little guy against a bully and they muffed it.”

“As civil rights leaders we cannot fight to gain rights for some and not for all.”

“Dignity — whether it be regarding civil marriage or service to one’s community — is fundamental to individual liberty and the rule of law.”

“This isn’t ‘old-fashioned prejudice’ or ‘old-fashioned bigotry,’ this is the new-fashioned bigotry that the Christianist and Bircher right have normalized for us all.”

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