We are many, we are many, we are

We are many, we are many, we are July 1, 2012

If I do not fight bigotry wherever it is, bigotry is thereby strengthened. And to the degree that it is strengthened, it will thereby have the power to turn on me.”

“It does not surprise me that the American public is not interested in the gospel of Jesus or black liberation theology or any type of liberation theology because that theology speaks for the poor and America is not interested in the poor.”

“Quaker officials rejected the Publick Universial Friend as a heretic, but s/he went on to preach throughout Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania.”

After you steal their land, make sure you create laws to keep them from ever returning to it.”

Subverting cliches is funny and it resurrects the impact of dead imagery. Whoever called this a Fail needs to fish or get off the pot. This sign is awesome.

Speak those things that are not, as they will be.”

“It’s a vagina. I have one. 154 million Americans have one. 197,000 soldiers have one. 111,000 police officers have one with a badge.”

“When a wide array of scholars … show a scattering of studies that all come to the same conclusion, I don’t think ‘conspiracy,’ I think ‘conclusions.’

“Interested diligence of the clergy is what every wise legislator will study to prevent.”

“What is immoral is to hide what is arguably the government’s largest social insurance program behind the technocratic phrase ‘price stability.'”

“Opposition to inflation and recovery are driven not so much by a lucid calculation of economic interest than by fear of anything new and, more importantly, total ignorance as to how the economy works.”

God gives Glenn Beck the finger. About time.

Church Sign Epic Fails, Vol. XX

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