Bryan Fischer is an AIDS denier

Bryan Fischer is an AIDS denier July 18, 2012

Tweet from Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association:

“New pill stops HIV virus. But won’t stop AIDS since caused by extensive inhalant drug use, not HIV.”

So there it is. Bryan Fischer is an AIDS denier. The chief spokesman of the American Family Association is an AIDS denier.

Do you need to know anything, anything at all, else about Bryan Fischer?


Is there anything, anything at all, else that you could possibly learn about Bryan Fischer that would balance this out and make him a credible and/or decent human being?


So why is Bryan Fischer still treated as a respected, credible peer by his allies in the religious right? Why is Bryan Fischer invited or even allowed to speak at gatherings of the religious right and the Republican Party?

Bryan Fischer is an AIDS denier. The American Family Association is an AIDS-denying organization.

That’s really all you need to know about them.

And that’s really all you need to know about the decency and credibility of anyone who regards them as an ally or a source of support.

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  • While it’s no secret that “HIV” even if it (might) exist is the most difficult to transmit person to person and there is still no scientific validaton  to prove that one has “HIV” or even “HIV Antibodies”, by saying so constitutes child abuse.

  •  Let us not forget that Richard Jeffrey’s a prominent AID$ denialist member of the political email club AIDSTruth  has had his hands in the AID$ coffers for some time now, the dr Jeckyl and Mr Hyde of HIV Theorism

  •  “The” “truth” would have been more honest.

  •  well it’s 2012 and the AID$ medical cartle stil have not provide the scientific validation of “HIV” antibody test kits. This is a scary notion since people who test antibody, RNA or DNA positive are told they ‘have’ (HIV) although there is no way to verify such results.  Today people are given a diagnosis on tests that have never been verified by means of direct HTLVIII/LAV isolation. One of the major flaws in the AID$ Beliefism theories of HIV.

  •  The Better question would be how dare we diagnose innocent babies “HIV+” based on their own antibody responses, most children do not develop their own antibodies well above 18 months old, this is not only a sadistic mindset but the child has no right to life, it has been taken from them based on Rober Gallo’s flawed HIV Theories of AID$.

  •  AID$ ? well that depends on what part the world you’re standing on.. at present there over a dozen defintions for AID$ and according to James Chin, some countries make up their own definitions.  If an innocent baby has tuberculosis in Africa, no HIV Test kit is even required, based on the conditions caused by Tuberculosis, the baby can be diagnosed with AID$ although the baby has TB, pretty clever of the corrupt U.S. Center for Disease Control..   When people wake up to the fact that AID$ is a mere category of older problems, a new name for what was already discovered we begin to deconstruct a defintional paradigm.. but most people follow the snake oil of the church of AID$…they follow the money.. an Orweliian mind fuck!

  •  Yes a baptist use to say that to me Sgt Pepper!  fortunately i could care less about religious notions and debates.

  •  THANKS for POINTING That out to all of us!   bravo!

  •  While I have been called many names, it appears that AID$ Denialists such as yourself have more to gain politically than to promote the genocidal, bangui definition for AID$ in Africa.

  •  Lady Gaga is an AID$ denialist, along with Ricky Martin, Sharon Stone, Nicky Minaj, Elton John, Bono, and last but not least Annie Lennox!   There are plenty more but those are some of the most common AID$ Denialists off the top of my head.

  •  humans harbor many human retroviruses for their entire life time and do not get super syndromes as the one made up by the U.S. center for Disease control this is no secret.

  •  This argument with Christine Maggiore & her daughter Eliza Jane Scovill is a martian argument based on the definitional elemets of the construct of HIV/AIDS.  It’s a silly notion to say that people who test positive on non specific hiv tests could get hit by a bus and be labeled as an AID$ death…it’s the religious mindset of the AIDS Paradigm to claim that anaphylactic shock is an AID$-Indicator disease, which is listed no where in the AID$ Bible nor the AID$ disctionary.   Techiniaclly we could say that Alex Harman has AID$ by his own defintion although his medical records say something else, but group conformity would never allow Alex Harman to be “correct” or even be allowed to speak because his own defintion says he has AID$…perhaps everyone has AID$!     Not.

    Christine Maggiore is a god!  her legacy is not forgotten and those of you that dance on her daughter grave ..should be thrown into a pit of raging hyenas!

  •  anyone with google alerts can see the fucking transparency in all of this media induced horse shit, there’s a denialist exercise for you…try it some time…google alerts it’ll make you despise Robert Gallo and Anthony Fauci…Montagnier is coming around if only his side kick Igor she would take a permment trip to helens house.

  •  Bryan Fischer is an AID$ Denialist like most of you..and a biggoted one at that.

  •  Wikipedia is Satan.

  •  Wonder how much tax payer money the U.S. Center for Disease Control spent on that show expanding their horsehit HIV theories.

  •  It would have been nice to have understood anything that you just said or assumet hat I meant or said, but it appears that your AID$ Denial is not shocking, most AID$ Denailists attack first then maybe ask questions later…I’d be weary of people like you, neurotic people are scary people.

  • The_L1985

     I am not an AIDS denier.  AIDS has been scientifically proven to be caused by HIV.  HIV is transmitted through contact between any of the following bodily fluids of two or more people:  blood, semen, breast milk, vaginal fluid, pus.  Note that two of those fluids are produced exclusively by females.  Also note that HIV has been transmitted by the acts of birth and breastfeeding, both of which involve the above bodily fluids, and both of which are generally associated with the mother having had vaginal intercourse in the past (and for HIV to be transmitted to the mother, she had to have had intercourse with someone who was HIV-positive, or else to have contracted HIV at birth, like her son or daughter).

    What on earth would anyone gain from denying any of the above?  Denying that AIDS is caused by HIV, and that it can be spread by direct contact of bodily fluids which can result in both homosexual and heterosexual intercourse, is killing people.  Knowing and spreading the truth saves lives.  I am on the side of people not dying of AIDS!

  • The_L1985

    Difficult? It’s frighteningly easy to transmit.  Let’s pretend for the moment that you’re an HIV-positive man.  All you have to do is any of the following:

    – Finger a woman using untrimmed fingernails (thus scratching up her innards a bit), then have unprotected vaginal sex with her.

    – Or have unprotected anal sex with a receiving partner of either gender–without lots of lubricant, the rectal lining is pretty much guaranteed to tear.

    – Rape a woman, vaginally or anally.  An unaroused woman doesn’t produce
    protective fluids to lubricate the vagina, and thus the interior of
    either orifice WILL tear.

    – Or re-use a medical needle of any kind, for any reason.

    – Or bandage another person’s wounds, while not wearing gloves.  Most people have tiny cuts on their hands (hangnails and the like) all the time and don’t even notice.

    All of the above put YOUR blood or semen in direct contact with another person’s blood.  Thus, all of the above can transmit HIV.

    And yes, HIV has been proven to exist.  We’ve seen it using electron microscopes.  We know its “biological” structure.  And there are no HIV antibodies worth speaking of, because it’s part of the viral family known as retroviruses, which mutate at too high a rate for antibodies to be even remotely effective.

    I don’t know where you’re getting your (mis)information, or if there are medications you’re supposed to be taking that you’ve skipped (if so, then please, PLEASE take your meds!!), but 5 minutes reading any of the following could have told you these things (listed in order from most to least reliable sources of information):

    – Any STD-related materials published by the CDC (in print or online) since 1990.

    – The entry for AIDS or HIV in any encyclopedia published after 1990.

    – Any medical study about HIV or AIDS published after 1990.

    – Talking to any licensed physician whatsoever.

    – Encarta.

    – Wikipedia.

  • The_L1985

     Seriously, what crazy conspiracy-theory websites are you going to?

    What benefit could possibly result from inventing a supposedly-fatal disease?

    If AIDS is caused by something else, then what benefit could possibly result from lying about how it is transmitted?

    There is none.  Therefore, it makes no sense for there to be some massive conspiracy, because a conspiracy has to benefit the people perpetuating it in order to exist in the first place.