Blurg July 27, 2012

Nothing calamitous, disastrous or saddening. And nothing large, insurmountable or overly challenging. But life intervenes and interferes today and, alas, this week’s installment of Left Behind Fridays is feeling the squeeze.

I apologize for that (and for the failure this morning to get today’s Alphabet game post up too).

Abnormal blogging should resume shortly. Here are some links to help pass the time (until then, or until 5 p.m., for those currently stuck in an office).

Am I a Romney?

“Being poor is crying when you drop the mac and cheese on the floor.”

“Caltech said this week it has joined the likes of USC and Ohio State in NCAA jail by being placed on three-years’ athletic probation. … The baseball team will vacate all wins during a period in which it went 0-112.”

No relation.

This is heading for a really bad ending.”

“The climate has changed, and the only remaining questions may well be: a) how bad will things get, and b) how long will it be before we wake up to it.”

That is a mighty comfort to have — all of one’s deficiencies are ignored as those of an individual; all of one’s abilities and gifts are taken as positive attributes and credits to one’s race.”

“Some punch lines should be on the offbeat; they shouldn’t be right on the beat because they’ll get sour.”

These men intentionally stood directly underneath an exploding 2-kiloton nuclear bomb.”

“If people are exposed to stories of Biblical heroes with multiple wives and concubines, we shouldn’t be surprised if they emulate them.”

“The land around these taxpayer funded projects were owned by some people before the Olympics game to town. Then other folks magically got control of the land.”

Mitt Romney to Olympians in 2002: “You didn’t get here on your own power.”

It’s a fascinating perspective. When white Republican policymakers disenfranchise African Americans in an election year, based on trumped up allegations of ‘fraud,’ that doesn’t ‘incite racial tension.’ But when the Attorney General notices white Republican policymakers disenfranchising African Americans in an election year, based on trumped up allegations of ‘fraud,’ that does ‘incite racial tension.'”

Our futures are increasingly no longer our own: more and more decisions, large and small, that determine the quality of our lives are being made by Politburo apparatchiks at a Supreme Corporate Soviet somewhere far distant from us. Only now, those apparatchiks are PR and marketing executives, titans of corporate finance, lobbyists for multinationals, and bean-counting managers trying to increase profits at the expense of our freedom.”

Mass incarceration despite a decrease in violent crime.

“Just one more example of critics who are absolutely certain that the government is always terrible … right up to that moment when they desperately need government to swoop in and help them out of a bad situation.”

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