Keep the light of freedom burning

Keep the light of freedom burning August 8, 2012

“The Sikh Coalition, in collaboration with local Sikh leaders and partner Sikh organizations, will hold interfaith vigils across the country on the evening of Wednesday, August 8, in an effort to coordinate a multi-faith nationwide remembrance for the victims and their families of the Oak Creek, Wisconsin Gurdwara massacre.”

“Sikhs are just wonderful people, and a person’s heart is shredded at the idea of this horrible atrocity committed against them.”

“Wiccans, Pagans, Jews, Atheists, Muslims are all victims of persecution and oppression in America and yet any right or protection for any of these groups are often used by Christians to claim persecution of themselves.” (via)

It’s never about bigotry. It’s always about freedom. And chicken.

“What the Catholic bishops call a violation of ‘religious freedom’ is really a policy difference with the Obama administration that will surely be negotiated over time. What the Sikhs and Muslims are experiencing are threats to their lives and right to worship in this country.”

Wheaton College, a Christian university, decided to grandstand about how much they opposed contraception insurance coverage, only to find that they won’t be getting the religious institution extension on non-coverage because their insurance plan was already covering contraception.”

The school had to quickly change its policy, so it could pretend to be outraged that Obama is forcing Wheaton to do what it was largely already doing voluntarily.”

“The college’s stated intention to ‘err on the side of moral caution’ doesn’t really square with this apparent history of inadvertently paying directly for services it now claims it can’t in good conscience allow someone else to pay for instead.”

That the majority is claiming to be persecuted is simply absurd.”

“‘You put a thing in the media and say you’ve apologized?‘ Wilson asked. ‘That is an insult.'”

“What do you say to someone like that when they tell you about their deeply held moral values?

The cognitive dissonance here is appalling.”

“The last sentence proves to me beyond the shadow of any doubt that the Catholic Church is under attack from within.”

“We thank God for the thousands of Georgians and Americans who have supported us as our customers and friends. … You have helped to keep the light of freedom burning with your prayers, patronage and support.”

“The more things change, the more they stay the same, especially in the South.”

“He repeatedly states that if the Bibles instructions on slavery can be ignored, then there isn’t ground to stand on in the modern battles over homosexuality and abortion.”

“The link between religious fundamentalism, anti-evolutionary rhetoric and support for segregation was more sociological than logical.”

“If you need to hide the reality of it from yourself, that tells me you already know it’s wrong.”

"The fourth scandal was physical abuse in church-run industrial schools."

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