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Close enough August 11, 2012

“Well, the Barth, Theology, Philosophy and Barth. That’s not got much Barth in it.”

Getting together to sing and listen to a long sermon has never been the attraction.”

“Politicized religion provides a substrate of beliefs that rationalizes — at least in the minds of its followers — all three of the GOP’s main tenets: wealth worship, war worship, and the permanent culture war.”

“Neither is conservatism a makeshift fusion of capitalists, Christians, and warriors, for that fusion is impelled by a more elemental force — the opposition to the liberation of men and women from the fetters of their superiors, particularly in the private sphere.”

“All I want is to listen to Christian music. I should be able to do that without being made to feel that my family isn’t holy enough or my political beliefs are sinful.”

“Jack Schaap gave his signature sermon ‘A Polished Shaft.’ Then he proceeded to demonstrate exactly how to … polish a shaft.”

“With as far to the fringe as fundyland has moved, most of the people who remain are simply not strong enough to survive outside of the walls that lock them in.”

“The truth has always been that humanity needs no external spiritual help to do gross and inhumane things to one another.”

You can call me a bigot if I start campaigning that Chick-Fil-A-Holes should not be able to marry, adopt, or serve in the military. You can call me a bigot if I ship my friends off for traumatic psychological boot camps because they dared to eat a chicken sandwich. You can call me a bigot if I compare being Republican to pedophilia, bestiality, or necrophilia.”

“I do fear his counsel to seek ‘common ground’ with conservative evangelicals because they leaned Left politically over a century ago will do little more than encourage the kind of clumsy ‘outreach’ efforts that has kept Barack Obama coming back to the spider’s webs of leaders like Rick Warren and T.D. Jakes, and validating their pretenses to serve as spokesmen for American Christians generally.”

“Norman explained to Carlos and Smith that he had been raised in the Salvation Army, where service to Christ was never separated from service to the poor and the hurting, that he understood the importance of their cause, and that he would be honored to join them.”

“The most it might serve to prove is that Christians can be found, against all expectations, even in the Church.”

“This is why the Bible reads like a survival guide for non-citizens, this is why God is Lord of the undocumented, and why the Bible has always been a bit of a puzzle to the powerful, to legal citizens, and especially to those who create and sustain great empires.”

“Given a choice between believing God is good, and God is in control, I have chosen to believe God is good.”

“So are there people in our world today who are dishonored in the same way that lepers and paralytics were in the synagogues where Jesus worshiped because of Biblical commands whose letter kills the Spirit for which they were written?”

“Wagoner’s great sin was that he attended a civil union ceremony on an Air Force base for a same sex couple.”

“Most of the lore surrounding the Rapture originates with two people in the early 19th Century: a teenage girl living in Scotland, and a London-born preacher.”

Young-earth creationism deserves to be categorized as a cult in the sinister sense of the word.”

“So do they really smoke a lot of weed? Yes. A lot.”

“The statue was and remains an icon of white supremacy.”

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