More notes from the class struggle

More notes from the class struggle August 21, 2012

“In the years since the collapse of 2008, the existence of mass unemployment has stopped being something the economic powers that be even pretend to regard as a crisis.”

“I’m not a U.S. company and I don’t make decisions based on what’s good for the U.S.

Why are these wealthy white guys so angry at the middle class and poor? Where does this deep-seated anger come from?”

“So today, please pass the word on to all of your contacts that you approve of the Romney campaign’s new direction.”

UK Prime Minister Cameron and U.S. President Obama examine a bust of Churchill in the White House — a piece of art that U.S. Republicans insist is not in the White House.

“We live in a bizarre, post racial, post Civil Rights moment, where to call a white person — especially a conservative — a racist is a bigger sin than racism itself.”

It’s a flat-out racial appeal aimed at convincing non-college educated white voters that this black president wants to take their tax dollars to give them to his shiftless black brothers and sisters.”

It’s all fabricated, this war on women. I don’t get it.”

Welcome to the rules of austerity.”

“Conservatives have locked themselves into a dead consensus in favor of the program developed by Bob Bartley and his friends on the editorial page of the Wall Street Journal almost 40 years ago: tax cuts, financial deregulation, and tight money.”

“The thing that began nudging me away from [Ayn] Rand was seeing how people who embraced her values system actually behaved.”

“But just because we can see people like the Siegels as human doesn’t mean we shouldn’t hold them accountable.”

“Social Security is not welfare. Social Security is not an investment plan. Social Security is insurance to avoid welfare if your investment plan doesn’t work out as well as you hope.”

“There are so many provisions in the health law that are beneficial to people with chronic illness, including MS.”

“The claim that President Obama ‘raided’ the trust fund because he has proposed additional health care spending in other areas … is like claiming that a person’s checking account had been raided because the bank lent the money to a small business.”

“So, in Rand Paul’s mind, the National Weather Service has ordered 46,000 hollow-point bullets.”

“It’s like he heard about an award that goes to the lyingest liar who ever lied in the history of liars, and Romney’s so eager to win the award that he’s becoming a parody of himself.”

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