Interstellar mongrel nymphs

Interstellar mongrel nymphs August 25, 2012

“‘Actually, you know what you can do?’ said Jesus. ‘You can reimburse me for my roof. Or I’ll sue.'”

“This may seem like an odd question, but the other day I found myself wondering what had become of George W. Bush.”

Junket Drunk Dunks His Junk

“Israel goes out of its way to encourage this sort of junket on the part of conservative Christian lawmakers, many of whom believe that support for Israel will hasten the day when Jesus comes back and, prior to disembowelling the unfaithful, likely will ask them all what in the hell they were thinking when they got nekkid and jumped into his private ocean.”

“Compassion has always been conservative.” — Timothy Dalrymple

“To be clear, Marvin Olasky is admitting that he summarily dismissed legitimate criticisms of David Barton’s work for ideological reasons.”

“What we do know is that Romney invested in private prisons.”

“This is what the Republican Party has sunk down to, touting the virtues of sons over daughters.”

If he blows that dog-whistle any louder, Seamus may return from that great roof-rack in the sky.”

“Ultimately, the fears of the New Right, the Tea Party GOP, and the aggrieved, imperiled white masculinity that Mitt Romney and other Republican elites pander to, are responses to a collective nightmare, what is a waking dream where they are being metaphorically raped and dominated by Barack Obama and people of color.”

“Conservatives have been compassionate all along.” — T.D.

“Nothing is more substantial than character. By pandering to the ignorance and bigotry of  the most fearful segment of the electorate, Gov. Romney has raised the character issue.”

“I guess I really actually feel we shouldn’t contort the voting process to accommodate the urban — read African-American — voter-turnout machine.”

Better that their stomachs are empty than they become overly dependent on someone in authority to provide loaves and fishes for them.”

“Clean energy, he said, ‘would slow the winds down‘ and thus could make it hotter.”

The mailers were often paid in envelopes stuffed with crisp hundred-dollar bills.”

“Plus you hate the thought of killing an entire Saturday morning, when you normally relax on the edge of your bed staring at some souvenirs on your dresser and wondering when you last felt anything, even pain.”

“Naming a law after Tim Tebow is a clear attempt to overthrow the constitutional order, since Tebow’s overthrown everything else since he left Florida.”

“If you ask me, there’s a sermon here just waiting to be preached.”

Church Sex Scandal Bingo

“One thing you lack: A bigger house in a gated community in Tiberias. Buy that and you’ll be all set.”

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