Just don’t throw it at me

Just don’t throw it at me September 12, 2012

“Hostility doesn’t begin when we encounter the other. It begins when we’re gathered together among us.”

The oldest trick in the fundamentalist playbook is to mobilize violence against some insult to the faith.”

“There’s not much question about the mutual support society that’s long operated between Muslim-haters and radical Islamists who share a vast stake in escalated hostilities.”

“This image — a Buddhist monk riding on the back of a Catholic priest’s bike — has stuck with me.”

Crass, undignified and troubling on many levels.”

“Disregarding every other aspect, however, it was graceless and stupid as a matter of politics.”

“It’s a funny thing, detestation. It’s rarely confined to just one group.”

I don’t really care what you tell your adopted daughter.”

“Those of Christian-cultural influence must realize that we their children are not just bullets in the culture war.”

I made 71 motions to add to this platform and 70 of them got passed.”

“This is the danger of civic religion: it convinces us that God’s name is the same as God’s presence; it convinces us that we’ve ‘won’ when we hear the right words, regardless of whether we’ve seen the  right fruit.”

“What it really represents is the long-established (if occasionally violated) decision by conservative evangelical activists that positions on secular issues like abortion, same-sex marriage, and even the role of the judiciary and of the Constitution, are more important not just politically but even morally than all the ancient arguments over doctrine and dogma.”

“This kind of skepticism — racism at its most common — is in the air. It surrounds us, and upon this willful ignorance, Americans demand proof of Barack Obama’s existence.”

“She’s engaged to be married. … She’s not a sex worker or a nude model. She didn’t write a book about swinging. She’s never mentioned her own sex life in public.

You are asking of people to make a choice between remaining a childish reader of Genesis in order to stay Christian, or to become an adult reader and an unbeliever.”

Strangers cannot know you as your close friends do.”

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  • Perhaps a strange question, but has anyone else gotten long rambling repeatedly posting youtube addresses spam of a familiar style though saying

    what if I told you that I am not who you think I am….

    Not Dennis Markuze – but a FAN!

    on their blogs?

    I ask because, on a Snarky Twilight post of all things (this one), I’ve gotten just that and given I’m not exactly a religious blogger my best guess is that I was followed back from here.

  •  That’s Dennis Markuze.  He’s well known in the atheist blogging community.  He seems to show up all over the place.

    It looks like you know that, chris the cynic, but not everyone does.

    But, yes, he’s been back for a while.  I got a few of his over the last couple weeks and noticed the thing about being a fan.  I’m not quite sure what to make of it, since his comments seemed to be coming from California when they always used to come from Montreal.  But he could just be trying harder to cover his tracks these days.

  • “I made 71 motions to add to this platform and 70 of them got passed.”

    On a non-Dennis Markuze note…

    I wonder about the veracity of this story.  Sure, it’s totally believable that David Barton would have a hand in the Republican Party’s platform, but the man is such an untrustworthy source of everything that I would want to see corroborating evidence.  We all remember that he couldn’t remember how many Ph.Ds were in the room when he was lying about Jefferson, right?

  • glendanowakowsk

    I can’t help wondering what Barton’s 71st motion was, the one that didn’t pass.
    Wild-assed guess:  Change the country’s name from United States of America to Republic of Gilead?

  • That article by Amanda Marcotte has the unfortunate side effect of implying that there is something wrong with a woman who is a sex worker, a nude model, or who writes books about threesomes. I know that Amanda Marcotte does not mean to say that. But I’m made seriously uncomfortable by Fred choosing that particular quote with no disclaimers. There is nothing wrong with being a sex worker or a nude model or a woman who publishes a book on threesomes or a woman who talks about her sex life publicly, for money or not.  

    Marcotte is spot on about the fact that, according to the misogynistic culture we live in, all women are “sluts”. A “slut” is a woman politely turning down a date with a strange man who walked up to her out of the blue, insulted her choice of food, asked her out, then called her a slut when she said no. Or a woman who does not wear makeup or wears a lot or wears any. Or a girl who never dated in high school and wore baggy flannel shirts and jeans or a girl who had a couple boyfriends or a girl who broke up with her boyfriend because he didn’t want sex and she did or a girl who broke up with her boyfriend because he wanted sex and she didn’t. A woman who likes sex toys or sex, or a woman who doesn’t like sex but has it anyway, or a woman who does not have sex. A woman who finds women attractive or a woman who finds men attractive or a woman who finds all genders attractive. A woman who is thin or fat or in-between, who wears slacks or skirts, who reads romance novels or plays video games.

    That is a very small sampling of the things I and/or girls and women I know have been labeled “sluts” for. And “slut” is not just a word that’s used to insult women deeply and keep them hating themselves. It’s a dog whistle word, as are all the related accusations. It’s a threat of violence.

    To defang it, I’m among those who takes that word and wears it as a badge of honor. “Slut” means owning my own body and my own life. For me, that means eating what I want, not wearing makeup, not being silenced, and having sex on my terms, among other things. It means not apologizing for existing as myself. 

  • I’ve only ever made passing reference to my skepticism on my own blog; but I’ve still been visited twice now by the not-Markuze fairy in the past week.  Including just now in a post that mentioned nothing either for or against any religion in any way.   He seems to be stuck on the notion that James Randi is the great pillar upon which all atheism must live or die….. I don’t know. 

    I have been wondering why such a famous and experienced troll was picking on little old me, and now that you mention it your theory of how he found us is probably correct.  Stalking the regulars at a liberal, “phony” Christian blog is exactly the sort of thing that this guy does.  You have my thanks for that for whatever it’s worth.

  • Carstonio

    So Romney took a statement by the embassy staff that was issued the day before the attack and claimed it represented the Obama Administration’s sympathy for the attackers. Very telling that almost his entire party has condemned him. When almost the only public figure in your party who supports you is Sarah Palin, that should be your first clue that you’re out of line.

  • The “I don’t really care what you tell your adopted daughter” article makes me all but shake with rage. Even just seeing that quote makes my blood boil. I don’t have words for all the levels on which that is a horrible, contemptuous, heartless thing to say. How can one human being be so repulsive?

  • Daughter


  • Tricksterson

    I don’t have  the words either but I’ll try:

    What the Fuck! Romney?  I mean WHAT THE FUCK!?!?

  • AnonymousSam

    To counter this torrent of awful humanity, I just think it’s awesome that Christine won MasterChef.

  • What I found really telling was “I didn’t know you had families”. Not only that he had considered them so inhuman he couldn’t imagine that, but that during and after the meeting nothing changed.

    But then, this is the man who walked away GRINNING after talking about an embassy under attack.

  • *sigh* Just when I thought Romney couldn’t sink any lower.

  • Kubricks_Rube

    “Crass, undignified and troubling on many levels.”

    It really is. Romney has said and done a lot in the last year to wreck my opinion of him, but his misleading, self-serving, disrespectful response to this event is in the running for ugliest moment of the campaign. A lot of rhetoric gets brushed off and forgotten in retrospect, but not this; win or lose, I will now associate Romney with his appallingly classless and baseless attack on the sitting President during an ongoing international crisis.

  • Diez

     This makes me extraordinarily happy.  I lost television service several weeks ago, so I haven’t been watching, but I’ve always cheered for her, simply because of her good nature and inward focus.  It was refreshing to see a reality show competitor so intensely focused on their own performance, as opposed to everyone else’s.

  • hidden_urchin

    “I don’t really care” ranks right up there with “that’s your problem” as one of those phrases that I find infuriating.  It’s not just contemptuous it’s dismissive and dehumanizing.

  • Justo Xjustice


    which world-view will not exist?

  • depizan

    He’s like a one dimensional villain come to life.  How did such a vile slimewad end up as a presidential candidate?  How!?

    I mean, plenty of Republicans have done and said things I’ve disagreed with (and some pretty damned off the wall stuff), but Romney is just…  words fail me.

  • Ah, the Republicans.  Official Motto: “Sucks to be you.”

  • PJ Evans

     It makes me hope that the only way he’ll ever get inside the White House is on a group tour.
    I think he’s dangerous to everyone else, because he seems to have no clue about other countries, or even other people. All he sees is himself, maybe also his wife and his kids – but even his kids aren’t really people to him.

  • Before reading the article, I was imagining that it was a gay couple’s reply to some conservative asking how they should explain said couple’s relationship to the conservative speaker’s children.

    In which case “I don’t really care” would be the correct and appropriate response. 

  • hidden_urchin

    Good point.  I was thinking of the phrases as when said by the powerful to the powerless.  They aren’t nearly so harmful when the reverse is true.

  • Matri

    I will now associate Romney with his appallingly classless and baseless
    attack on the sitting President during an ongoing international crisis.

    4,000,000 to 1 odds that fox news will blast this 24/7 and every one of their viewers will unconditionally believe it.

  • Matri

    Because he’s Quantum Romney! No matter when or from which direction you look at him, he will always be on your side! He will always agree with you, he will always take your side no matter what!

    And then, there are the Republicans. Fact-checking is liberal. And they don’t have to fact-check Romney at all. He’s Quantum Romney! He is always on their side!

  • reynard61

    “Ah, the Republicans. Official Motto: ‘Sucks to be you.'”

    Unofficial Motto: “I’ve got mine, and I want yours too!”

  • vsm

    Oh dear. A couple of months ago Romney was too progressive to be elected, and now the Internet is diagnosing him as a sociopath (see comments on “the I don’t care”) article. I guess that’s elections for you. Not that his behaviour wasn’t deplorable, of course.

  • The scary thing is how *reasonable* he seems in his speeches to immigrant and miniority communities. Yeah, he hits all the usual right-wing talking points, but he also acknowledges facts previous Republicans have blatantly ignored or glossed over.

    Quantum Romney indeed. Determined to be all things to all people. I shudder to imagine him as President now.

    He’s the kind of man who could easily start a war even as he lulls the world to sleep by fervent talk of peace. (Canada would get caught up in the crossfire, very likely; we’re not exactly an easily defensible country)

  • Tricksterson

    “He’s the kind of man who could easily start a war even as he lulls the world to sleep by fervant talk of peace.”

    You mean like a certain L&J Anti-Christ?

  • Ha!

    (*insert standard fringe talking point about how Obama must be the Antichrist because KENYA*)

  • Jessica_R

    I was just about to say. It speaks volumes that the so far only, genuine, unrehearsed, human response I’ve seen from him in this campaign is his smirk of supreme self satisfaction as he walked away from the press conference. Over the deaths of several innocent people. He’s not a robot, he’s a fucking sociopath. 

  • The_L1985

     That hurts to read.  Only Markuze could have written that.

  • Beroli


    “He’s the kind of man who could easily start a war even as he lulls the world to sleep by fervant talk of peace.”

    You mean like a certain L&J Anti-Christ?

    Not quite. Nicolae is all things by the magic of the author not understanding that there’s a problem with contradicting himself.

    Romney has a consistent personality. When that personality isn’t what he’s trying to display, it’s because he’s being phony. Nicolae is perfectly genuine about being a pacifist (because LaHaye and Jenkins hate pacifists) and perfectly genuine about being a mass murderer.

  • TheFaithfulStone

    I think it’s pretty ironic that Mitt doesn’t think decent people should “apologize” for the behavior of assholes they’re associated with, considering there’s probably a half-a-dozen campaign staffers whose job is to do exactly that.

  • At the risk of Godwinning – Adolf Hitler was also famous for talking of peace even as he prepared for war.

  • Tricksterson

    That’s pretty much a standard tactic of ruthless dictators.  It’s why “WAR IS PEACE” was one of the mottos of the Party in 1984

  • Dan Audy

    The fact that Romney swings from appearing progressive to appearing conservative is in fact part of what makes people call him things like ‘sociopath’.  It indicates that he completely lacks any moral compass and is affecting ‘beliefs’ and attitudes solely for the advantage they give him and because it advances his agenda.  Sociopaths do very well in big business and politics (and authoritarian religions) because they don’t let concerns about how what they are doing impacts other people get in the way of their amassing power, wealth, and influence.  His tenure with Bain is almost a textbook example of how corporate sociopaths operate – focus only on short-term profits by cutting competitive expenses (like research and development), firing huge amounts of the workforce, and amassing company debt before cashing out and leaving the long term consequences to someone else.

    I don’t like people making claims of mental illness without training or significant real exposure to an individual but it doesn’t surprise me in the slightest as his behaviour, attitude, and life story are very much typical of a socially conforming sociopath. 

  • Dash1

    A couple of months ago Romney was too progressive to be elected, and now the Internet is diagnosing him as a sociopath

    The sociopath vs. progressive talk  is actually about two different things. People have been talking about the possibility that the man is a sociopath at least since the story about his dog surfaced. And the talk of him being too progressive was  based on questions about whether, given the relatively progressive stances he took as governor in the relatively progressive-leaning state of Massachusetts, the Republican base in the rest of the country, which is very far right-wing, would support him. This is, let us not forget, a base that just tossed out a long-serving and highly respected senator, Richard Lugar, for cooperating with Democrats upon occasion.

    Also what Dan Audy said.

  • vsm

    Indeed, they aren’t really related. I guess diagnosing someone as a sociopath with no training and based on a few news stories just rubs me the wrong way, though I realize demanding liberals to avoid nasty tactics after four years of birtherism would be hypocritical.

  • AnonymousSam

    I had never heard of this incident until you mentioned it. What strikes me most telling is the response: “What? At least we brought him with us.”

    I can’t help but imagine a future where I live on the street and fight with others for enough rotten food to sustain myself for another evening. The last time I see the news (from a television inside the Goodwill), President Romney candidly decries accusations that he has mistreated the lower class by arguing, “What? At least we let them live here.”