I mean it, don’t make me turn this car around …

I mean it, don’t make me turn this car around … September 25, 2012

There’s some discussion as to whether the previous post is likely to persuade young-earth creationists to change their minds.

I doubt it. But that wasn’t my aim in that post. My aim there was to point out that malicious gossip — slandering science and all scientists — is wrong and needs to stop.

That post is the equivalent of saying, “Stop hitting your sister.” That’s an inadequate statement in that it’s not a comprehensive argument for or against anything larger, yet nonetheless it sometimes needs to be said. Beliefs and character shape behavior, and in the big picture those are what matter most and thus what most need to be addressed. But in the short term, it is often necessary just to call out the bad behavior.

Malicious gossip is bad behavior. Slandering science and slandering scientists is simply wrong.

I respect young-earth creationists enough to believe that they already know this.

Now, just as “Stop hitting your sister” is not the only thing I have ever said or ever had to say to my daughters, so too it is not the only thing I have to say to young-earth creationists. They are also my family, and I love them too and also want what is best for them. As with my daughters, I want them to learn to face the world with compassion, courage, confidence and curiosity. I want them to study hard and get a good education so that they can pursue their dreams and make the world a better place.

But that’s not what the previous post is about. That post is just “Stop hitting your sister.” And I mean it, too. Don’t make me turn this car around …

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