On top of the running man is the flying man

On top of the running man is the flying man November 29, 2012

“If any of the attendees recognized me, they kept mum about it in this setting.”

“Does evangelical Christianity allow one of its leaders to theologically evolve? The answer seems to be no.”

“And because it doesn’t have much of a foundation, it becomes more ‘let’s see if I can back you into a wall with my questions so that you can’t answer anymore in the context that I’ve established‘ than a search for truth.”

“Somewhere, the Creation Museum’s Ken Ham is trying to figure out how to tell his fundamentalist Christian followers that Pat Robertson is a joke. At which point I’ll agree with Ken Ham. Damn, Christians telling the truth makes my head hurt.”

“I long assumed that if you’re fortunate enough to be in the top 2 percent, you can at least afford an accountant or financial advisor to explain the basics to you, but I’m afraid this Virginia chiropractor isn’t the only one who’s deeply, almost shockingly, confused.”

“The after-tax value of her $250,001st dollar of Adjusted Gross Income will be slightly lower if Obama gets his way than if he doesn’t get his way. But under either scheme, earning a higher pre-tax income will leave you with a higher after tax income.”

“By my calculation it would take songwriting royalties for roughly 312,000 plays on Pandora to earn us the profit of one — one— LP sale.”

“If employers like Traci Tapini really can’t find workers with the necessary skills it is primarily because they don’t understand that it is necessary to raise wages to attract more skilled workers.”

“If Thomas F. Marano takes a late lunch, he makes more money in a single morning than Rebecca Black does all year. Marano once led the team at Bear Stearns Cos. that bought Black’s mortgage in 2005 and thousands of other subprime loans to sell to investors.”

“The combination of longtime workers feeling betrayed by the company, newer workers who never felt that loyalty to begin with, and the fact that for so many years the company paid lip service to Christian values in lieu of fair wages, is leaving Wal-Mart vulnerable to labor uprisings.”

The term originated in Philadelphia in the 50s or earlier and wasn’t in common use in the rest of the country until decades later. And it did indeed refer to something unpleasant.”

It’s imperative that the people who will benefit hear about the new coverage available and learn how to sign up.”

“A lot of people still think that the US is under some risk of one day becoming like Greece, and it’s distorting our public debate.”

“Physicists are made of atoms. A physicist is an attempt by an atom to understand itself.”

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