Ain’t it nice to be fightin’ on the winning side?

Ain’t it nice to be fightin’ on the winning side? December 6, 2012

Thys doth signifie thou shalt have no feare, chevalier. Renegade, passe by! A tourney, a tourney of falsehoods.”

“For three days and nights, they took it in turns to rest on the lavatory seat and subsisted on a few apples that they found in the cellar.”

She’s a Princess and she has a diplomatic passport, so off she goes. When she gets to India she apparently tells nobody what she’s up to.”

A picture is worth a thousand words. In this case, the first 990 words are “Awwwww.”

I am beginning to see death in a new way, dearest Katie.”

“There’s probably something that you’re doing right now that your great-great-grandchildren will find shocking and offensive.”

Including the abuser excludes the abused.”

“Right now most of the public simultaneously believes that the deficit is going to destroy the economy, and that an already passed plan to cut the deficit will destroy the economy.”

“This is a modest decline, but perhaps smaller than might have been expected given that ACORN doesn’t exist anymore.”

The arc of history tilts towards equality and justice, and our society is rapidly but unevenly coming to the judgment that same-sex marriage is just and right.”

“Do we want to be a part of churches that are the moral police or the established order, or do we want to be part of churches that are agents of transformation and imagination for a very different way of life?

“Hardline Christendom doesn’t just stand to find itself on the wrong side of history on homosexuality. It could also end up on the wrong side of Christianity.”

“But pastor, don’t you think some of our churches are responsible for some of the attitudes towards gays in America, the negative attitudes?” “Probably, yeah.”

“The challenge we need to consider is two-fold: what is the Bible and how should we read it?

“At the end, after the glamour was gone she was exactly what she was all the time: a woman.”

“Buddy, just hang in there for another 35 years.”

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