Twas the night after Christmas …

Twas the night after Christmas … December 25, 2012!

“They hired me because I’m short. Everyone they hired is short. I’m one of the taller elves. …

“Toss your stockings in the fire and throw away your tree / Jesus wasn’t born for you like he was born for me …”

“God is now on earth, and man in heaven; on every side all things commingle. He became Flesh. He did not become God. He was God.”

Jesus was himself a stranger looking for posada, and … Scripture commands us repeatedly to respond to immigrants with welcome and compassion, precisely as (we hope) we would if Jesus himself showed up in our country.”

“I remember thinking it’s not like there are any published pictures & purple seemed like a good color for a Madonna so I gave her a dollar just in case.”

“So this Christmas, get St. Mary out of the nativity scene, and replace her with someone who is more fiscally responsible, and who won’t take our hard-earned money and give it to undeserving plebs who are poor for no other reason than they can’t find a job, they are refugees from a war zone, they are disabled, or they are just the wrong color …”

Imagine the looks on the faces of the people who get this particular gift.”

“No government has the ability to do what the MIBs do. Think for a moment about the men in black. They have appeared all over the world. They have a special interest in unidentified flying objects and in protecting the polar regions. They seem to actually know what is in the minds of the people they visit. Who has the ability to manage an intelligence network like that?

“Santa Claus Is a Black Man.” 1973. 2012.

A bit of holiday advice

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  • It’s wonderful that rolling jubilee is getting going.

    However I’m a little concerned by this which I found linked from the comments on the village voice article quoted in the article about Strike Debt.

    It’s the only complaint of this sort I’ve seen but I located the PDF of the manual in question online and had a look – it really does contain references to a Credit Repair Agency (link to their website in the resourses section of many chapters) and recommend their DIY pack in the appendix. I’m inclined to put this down to niavety (and a lack of good free resourses pertaining to US debt) rather than malice. (If someone were to ask me to write such a thing for the UK I’d be constantly referencing the Consumer Action Group forums but the US doesn’t seem to have such a site.

    I really think they need to consider making a US centric CAG type site and get away from using advice from for profit groups in an industry where for profits are known for shady behaviour.

  • Will Hennessy

    Can’t…stop…listening…to…Westboro Baptist Chipmunk…song….so…hilariously…catchy…

  • Guest

    I know what it feels like to be in debt and unable to pay, to flinch every time the phone rings, to feel your heart sink every time you see that familiar style of envelope arrive in the post. For that reason, the story about the debt jubilee made me cry. What a wonderful thing to do! I feel some of my faith in humanity being restored.

    The westboro baptist song is amazing too.

  • AnonymousSam

    I still have several thousands of dollars of student debt myself, and Sallie Mae is doing everything in their power to keep it that way. I’ve run into so much ridiculous opposition just trying to make monthly payments that I have no doubt I’ll be carrying this debt for at least a decade unless something intervenes. It’s hard not to want the Rolling Jubilee to be real, effective, and with as few strings as they say.