Best wishes to Ed Brayton for a full, speedy recovery

Best wishes to Ed Brayton for a full, speedy recovery December 30, 2012

Ed Brayton writes the blog Dispatches from the Culture Wars, which I’ve been enjoying for many years. And he’s one of the driving forces behind the FreethoughtBlogs community.

Ed Brayton

And he’s just had open-heart surgery, which comes with medical expenses and the expense of not writing as much while recovering.

Daniel Fincke, who wrote for Brayton at FtB, says, “He’s a great guy, a good friend and an invaluable watchdog for American civil liberties and the 1st Amendment.”

Hemant Mehta praises Brayton for the assistance he’s given to so many other atheist bloggers over the years, and says, “he’s just a damn decent guy.” Yes he is. He’s a mensch.

So if you know Ed Brayton and you’re in a position to help out, you can click over to his site and do so.

As Brayton has been recovering from surgery, he’s had friends and relatives assure him that they’re praying for him. “I obviously don’t think that prayer does anything at all,” he writes:

At the same time, though, I’m not offended by it. When someone says they will pray for me … I take it in the manner in which it is intended. They are only meaning to wish me well and I gratefully accept it in that spirit. I may tell them that I don’t think it does any good, but they already knew I thought that. So who really cares? Wish me well and I will thank you for it, even if the form isn’t what I would prefer.

That demonstrates much of what I enjoy and appreciate about Brayton’s blogging. He forthrightly lets you know what he thinks, but he’s not looking to take offense.

So I’m wishing Ed well and letting him know that he’s in my thoughts.

(I could also tell him I’m praying for him, but he probably already knows I’m doing that. So who really cares? I prefer to wish him well in the form that he would prefer to hear it.)

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