Trust, control, permission, consent

Trust, control, permission, consent January 28, 2013

Civility is a great friend of the status quo.”

“As a thought exercise, how many predators would have to be on the team before you’d no longer feel like cheering?”

“please, let’s stop saying ‘we let women lead’ and ‘i just feel like one of the guys’ and start living out a new story, together.”

“It’s a ‘nice’ form of dehumanization, but it’s still dehumanization nonetheless.”

I’ve passed her on the stairs many times, but never knew her history until I read this post.

“Who owns and control’s one’s body, especially when it comes to women: is it the individual herself or the community, through enforced practices of honor, virginity, veiling, and marriage?” (via)

“It is not their talking points that are the problem, it’s the beliefs that inform the talking points that are the problem.”

“The problem isn’t the wisdom of this advice; the problem is that this advice is necessary.”

“Oh, how I missed the certainly, the simplicity, the assurance that if you just follow the recipe, your life and family will turn out beautifully.”

Better fathers and husbands means men abandoning male privilege and outdated gender roles.”

“For the authorities at our evangelical camp, a paradigm of sexual ethics that even acknowledges consent is seen as ‘watered down’ or ‘less biblical’ since it’s diverging from the typical Protestant stance on sexual relationships: no sex before marriage. Period. End of conversation.”

“At the moment the numbers are small, and they tend to keep fairly quiet about their change of heart, but the change is beginning.”

“The percentage of Americans who believe homosexuality is a sin has decreased significantly over the past year.”

“It’s time for the baptized to claim the priesthood of that baptism and to stand up, shake the dust off their sandals, and abandon a church where its hierarchy practices apartheid.”

“If I signed this, it would be a betrayal not only of myself but of my fellow priests and lay Catholics who want change.”

“As the Episcopal Bishop of Rhode Island, I support the bill before the General Assembly that would allow same-sex couples to marry in our state, not in spite of my Christian faith, but because of it.”

“The only excuse I have is that somewhere, in the back of my brain, I know that it is more repulsive in some evangelical circles for a woman to sound Marxist than to say the word penis.”

“They clearly didn’t believe us. They didn’t trust us.”

“Our moral goal should be to struggle against those real barriers — poverty, racism, and anti-female cultural oppression — that prevent authentic choice from being a reality for every woman.”

“Women have been arrested, institutionalized, or subjected to unwanted medical interventions due to their pregnancies.”

“I will never understand why people who hate abortion don’t love Planned Parenthood and tithe to it like it was their church, because they have prevented more abortions than all the fire-and-brimstone preachers on the planet combined.”

“It’s a bit of a relief that Bryant abandoned the pretense of giving a damn about women’s health. And a bit more of that kind of candor will also perhaps inhibit judges from taking such pretenses seriously.”

“Even if Roe survives as before and the wave of anti-choice state legislation flowing from the 2010 Republican landslide retreats, we still have to come to grips with the fact that a significant if decisively outnumbered minority of Americans, for reasons ranging from religious doctrine to fear of women’s sexuality, view or claim to view legalized abortion as a ‘Holocaust,’ and themselves as akin to the anti-Hitler resistance.”

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