Don’t need no ticket

Don’t need no ticket February 6, 2013

They are evangelicals, so assume biblical illiteracy.”

“The most powerful cultural values that affect us are those of which we are least aware.”

“After that day in the park eating lunch with the homeless, however, I started seeing poor and homeless people everywhere.” (via)

“This view forces evangelicals to think of themselves as squeaky clean outsiders, and they waste time, money, energy, and so, so many words on developing strategies to infiltrate culture while remaining pure themselves.”

“We fail to appreciate liberation theology because of 1,700 years of interpreting the Scriptures from the perspective of the empowered clergy class, rather than from the perspective of the marginalized who first received the message with such excitement.”

“Many decisions are clarified and helped by the question: 10/20/50 years from now, what choice will I wish I had made?

“Erickson has finally hit the fifth stage of conservative climate change grief: denial, denial, denial, denial, and acceptance.”

“If waterboarding does not constitute torture, then there is no such thing as torture.”

“Yes indeed, God made a farmer … and that farmer made a slave.”

“I want to know, just how did ‘god’ provide land for his elect White American male farmer?

“I could offer lots of other examples (such as the amount we spend on Christmas versus the cost of eliminating world hunger) but you get the point.”

“[Unemployed Reporter Porter includes] chocolate and roasted barley malts that are as dark and bitter as the future of American journalism, and a high alcohol content designed to numb the pain of a slow, inexorable march toward obsolescence.”

“This is ‘WHERE’ magazine, not what you think.”

Church Sign Epic Fails: ‘Family Values'”


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