‘Who seeks kindness over control’

‘Who seeks kindness over control’ February 13, 2013

“Pink being a more decided and stronger color is more suitable for the boy; while blue, which is more delicate and dainty, is prettier for the girl.”

“Women are not suffering from any injustice which giving them the ballot would rectify.”

“Apparently, the futurists of the 1960s could imagine all sorts of gadgets, but not the fact that a female might have a job requiring a home office.”

“From empathy and sexuality to science inclination and extroversion, statistical analysis of 122 different characteristics involving 13,301 individuals shows that men and women, by and large, do not fall into different groups.”

“Enough with the modesty talk that in my experience often leads to blaming women for men’s lust.”

“Teachers said they hoped that if the girls focused on cleaning up their speech on campus for a month, their improved manners would take hold and rub off on the boys.”

“If anything, it seems to me, women have more cause to swear than men.”

“How can you hear the abusive words that church leaders say, how can you hear about the rape and the abuse and the churches that cover it up and not be angry?

They wanted these women to disappear.”

“Female bodies are not to be feared, hidden, or ashamed of — and it’s not the place of Christians to cast shame upon them either.”

“Since neither of us are very feminine women, it must be that we have fallen further away from Jesus than ever before.”

“While Piper acknowledges that gender stereotypes do not always line up with reality, and that clinging to traditional gender roles is not always the most efficient, effective way of getting things done, he insists that it is right to cling to them anyway, even at the cost of life, limb, and a competent woman’•s conscience.”

You can’t repress just one aspect of yourself; it usually affects many areas.”

“To survive in our misogynist (and homophobic) Church, she recommends that we tell our stories.”

“I want you to think as you grow up and into adulthood about putting this passion that you have for this cause into making healthcare available for everybody.”


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