Saying Grace

Saying Grace February 18, 2013

Thank you, Patrick, for introducing me to Sam Baker and the song above.

“In a spirit of wanting to help us all get along, let’•s look at some things that evangelicals actually do well.”

If Christ has no face, then perhaps it is time that we … give him a new face.”

“While some folks may say outrageous things because they think it’ll get them attention and sell books (Ann Coulter comes to mind), I think a lot of them are guilty of Joe E. Ross Disease.”

“‘If they can take away your right to own a snake,’ Joyce says, ‘they can take your Bible and your guns next.'”

“The key to this conversation is not to begin with the legal issue. …‰ You need to get there. You don’•t start there. You start with these immigrants as people.” (via)

We should have put that sign up when you son of a bitches came.”

“The police department’s policy is to arrest all children referred to the agency.”

“It’s people like Pastor Joe Davis who take all the fun out of both being Christian and drinking so much that you start imagining that Jesus is on your case of beer.”

Two different appeals to Christian beliefs – one that God has an eternal plan for sex which is confined to the bed of monogamously married heterosexuals and one to Jesus’s injunction to love one’s neighbor – to justify different stances on a contemporary political issue.”

“There is probably no quicker way to turn a morally sensitive believer into an atheist than by telling her that she has to set aside her deepest moral intuitions when thinking about God.”

“And then I remembered the one thing some Christians will never admit out loud, which is that sometimes Jesus isn’t all you need. Sometimes you need Zoloft.”

“The Torah is full of mythological sources of father and son, and so is Marvel Comics.”

I’d sure like to be saved from a tract.”

“Then a motorcycle gang showed up. Then a church procession. Then the police.”

Risin’ up to the challenge of our rival.”

Church Sign Epic Fails: ‘Mormons Rock'”


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