Notes from the culture war

Notes from the culture war March 5, 2013

I mean, call me a bigot.”

“I’m not a publicist or an expert in p.r. but I think it’s probably a bad sign when your rivals think it’s hilarious to read your book out loud in public.”

This is not a novel like 1994 [sic], it’s Common Core.”

“It has been my conviction that if a child is brought up on the Bible, and, if he consistently reads the Word of God as a young person, he will have all the sex education he needs. Why not let God teach our children about sex?

“But even were I to be done away with, those who are like me would remain.”

“I was so blown away by that long-winded, absolutely Tommy Chongish explanation of heterosexual sex that I almost missed getting angry when he next compares gay and lesbian relationships to alcoholism and sexual addiction.”

“Legal recognition of same sex civil marriage should not and will not require clergy of any faith or denomination to officiate at or recognize the religious status of same-sex marriages.”

“I had no mental ability to grasp that at all. I wasn’t given any space to love anyone who wasn’t heterosexual, and, for that matter, a Calvinist.”

“These folks can believe the separation of church and state is a communistic principle intended to undermine religiosity or they can believe the separation of church and state is a bedrock legal principle that guarantees and protects religious liberty for all. They cannot believe both.”

Narcissism thwarts the ability of the church to fulfill its mission by focusing on someone and something other than itself and its own needs.”

“This is not the Vatican. It’•s Melrose Place.”

“Now that the head of the Pontifical Academy for Life, the conservative cardinal of Cologne, and the German bishops’ conference have clearly distinguished between the morning-after pill as a contraceptive, and abortifacients, and have concluded that Catholic hospitals can morally administer the morning-after pill in cases of rape: how will the pastoral leaders of the Catholic church in the U.S. begin to repair the damage they have done by … spreading misinformation about the morning-after pill and Catholic moral teaching?”

“That’™s a big thing. That’™s a big surgery. You don’™t have any other organs in your body that are bigger than that.”

“Obviously, I oppose these efforts because they endanger women’s health and take away their freedom of choice. But I just wanted to point out that Alabama state Representative Mary Sue McClurkin is evil and stupid.”


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