Scenes from the class war

Scenes from the class war April 4, 2013

The Gospel takes away our right forever to discriminate between the deserving and the undeserving poor.”

“Does it surprise you that a disproportionate amount of rich people are dicks?”

“I think I have a little more empathy than Mitt Romney had.”

“And Republicans wonder why people think Republicans don’t care about the poor.”

The 2013 Housing Wage is $18.79, exceeding the $14.32 hourly wage earned by the average renter by almost $4.50 an hour, and greatly exceeding wages earned by low income renter households.”

“So Bachmann yet again earns Four Pinocchios. But there really aren’t enough Pinocchios for such misleading use of statistics in a major speech.”

“The Republican Study Committee budget would delay eligibility for Medicare and Social Security benefits to age 70, while calculating cost-of-living adjustments using chained CPI, which cuts benefits by $1300 a year for each recipient.”

“A Republican Congressman on the House Budget Committee whose car dealership has at least $2.5 million in debts insisted on Wednesday that companies and individuals must balance their budgets ‘every single day.'”

“Many politicians who advocate for cuts to vital programs and a dangerous Balanced Budget Amendment to the U.S. Constitution use the argument that government needs to live with in its means because everyone else does — but have debt of their own.”

“The budget will be balanced, if Ryan gets his way, through a campaign of thoroughgoing class warfare aimed at Americans in the bottom half of the income distribution in order to protect the interests of a small, high-income minority.”

“This is the moment to pass a big tax cut for employers who hire new workers, to rebuild our infrastructure at bargain- basement rates, and to help state and local governments reverse the deep cuts they’ve made in recent years. It’s not the moment to begin sequestration.”

“Senate Republicans will refuse to allow a vote until after Democrats agree to weaken consumer-protection laws.”

“Usury — specifically usury that is legal — is a rather important issue of fundamental fairness and justice that simply has not received the amount of attention and active emphasis that it is owed.”

“We said all that you can do is kill us. What else can you do? We’re not afraid of you.”

"Oh dear, his rant about CL-20. Aka hexazzahexanitroisowurtzitane. Also... that name!"

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  • Dave Hagstrom of Montana just took the cake.

    His five recommendations are perhaps the worst thing I have ever, ever read from someone who is supposed to be representing people.

    My recommendation is this;
    – First, you accept that not everyone, including yourself, needs to live as long as they currently do, or as “comfortably” as they currently do.
    – Second, you accept the fact that you and your neighbor are going to have to work harder than ever, maybe take a second or third job and live on less.
    – Third, that you plan to take your own health seriously and assume it is your responsibility to be healthy by getting more exercise, watching less TV, and eating cleaner, cheaper, healthier food than you have been.
    – Forth, that you manage the relationships in your life by removing those friendships that are abusive and destructive.
    – Fifth, that you begin taking into your life those family members who need help even if you could pawn them off on the government.

  • Hey, I just remembered where I heard of the guy behind this before. He’s the same guy who said that AIDS was caused by an airline pilot screwing a monkey.

    This is the man who wants children to starve if they aren’t sufficiently well educated.

  • He’s also said that AIDS doesn’t transfer through vaginal sex, ridiculed preparation for Hurricane Isaac, said that Akin’s remarks (“the body has ways of shutting that down”) were correct, and has a threat on his website to sue anyone who copies anything from it for $1,000 USD per word.

    He’s also the one who wants to not only ban any discussion of homosexuality from schools, but wants schools to be forced to out kids to their parents.

    His rebuttal toward all the complaints about this bill? “If you don’t like it, don’t apply for benefits. You’re not legally entitled to steal my money.”