7 things @ 9 o’clock (9.11)

7 things @ 9 o’clock (9.11) September 11, 2013

1. The best news first: The doctors are immensely pleased and the Slacktivixen (my wife) is resting comfortably after a minor bit of unexpected surgery yesterday afternoon. All shall be well and all shall be well.

2. Florida, Texas and North Carolina show no signs of letting up, but I have to say that Iowa is making itself a contender in the States Gone Wild sweepstakes with this strong effort: “In Iowa, Blind People Can Carry Guns in Public.”

3. Richard Beck shared this, from Thomas Merton: “Your life is shaped by the ends you live for. You are made in the image of what you desire.”

Which reminded me of this, from Kurt Vonnegut: “We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be.”

I’m less intrigued here by the parallel between Merton and Vonnegut than I am by the parallel between desire and pretense. Hmmm.

4. Marriage equality advocates in Hawaii say they’ve got the votes, and Gov. Neil Abercrombie has announced a special session of the state’s legislature for next month to get it done this year.

5. Jeff Sharlet’s new essay at Killing the Buddha — “Ditto Boys” — reads a bit like a DVD-extra deleted scene from his 2008 book, The Family: The Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power. But where the tone of that book was journalistic, this has a creepier edge to it and ends with an almost Lovecraftian twist. Here’s a bit from the middle:

Mullen’s impression was reinforced by her students, several of whom came to her upset by Fellowship experiences. One girl had been invited by the wife of a Westmont administrator to Washington over a break with the promise of a vacation, only to find herself serving as a maid at the Fellowship’s headquarters, a mansion called The Cedars at the end of a cul-de-sac in Arlington, Virginia. Then she heard of other young woman returning from Washington, disturbed and confused by their assignments: dusting, mopping, acting “feminine.” Her students came to her not to complain but to make sense of what had happened, to ask a woman in a position of authority whether it was true that they should resign themselves to “service.” Not Christian service; serving men.

Read the whole thing, then just consider this idea: American Horror Story, Season 4: The Cedars.

6.Batman resuscitates cat he saved from burning building.” Captain America helped.

7. That Kierkegaard post the other day had me looking more closely at the calendar of saints days and feast days in the Episcopal Church. I failed to celebrate the feast day of Prudence Crandall last Tuesday. That’s a shame, because Prudence Crandall is pretty awesome:

I said in my heart, here are my convictions. What shall I do? Shall I be inactive and permit prejudice, the mother of abominations, to remain undisturbed? Or shall I venture to enlist in the ranks of those who with the Sword of Truth dare hold combat with prevailing iniquity? I contemplated for a while the manner in which I might best serve the people of color. As wealth was not mine, I saw no other means of benefiting them, than by imparting to those of my own sex that were anxious to learn, all the instruction I might be able to give, however small the amount.


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  • Death_Star

    Would you include perverts and pedophiles in your secessionist government? You would, wouldn’t you.

  • Lorehead

    Sorry about the cyberstalker following me here. For the record, I don’t hold any of the views he attributes to me.

  • dpolicar

    You can hardly be held accountable for what other people choose to say.

  • Lorehead

    That’s why I’m sorry about, not for, it.

  • Alix

    …and I do a mental double-take whenever people talk about cults for an entirely different reason: I’m far more used to “cult” = “group of people worshipping a particular deity/limited group of deities”. As in, say, the cult of Isis. FWIW.

  • LoneWolf343

    In your defense, “pervert” is an extremely broad term.

  • Lorehead

    And his understanding of the thread that got him so upset in the first place is about as accurate as coming here and thinking I favor succession.

  • Death_Star

    Morning sunshine.

    Still talking out both sides of your mouth I see.

  • Lorehead

    This isn’t the ideal place, but since you haven’t gotten yourself banned on this site yet, I’ll make one final attempt to talk to you as a reasonable person. You’ve had a day to cool off and reflect.

    What do you think is more likely: that when I wrote, “I believe that people who sexually molest, rape, violate and fondle people without consent are evil,” I really meant the opposite because I’m a horrible kitten-burner, and every single person but you who read my post was wrong to think I meant exactly what I said? Or that you, being human, made a mistake, but you can be big enough to admit it and walk away?

    Or if even you’re still too proud for that, what do you hope to accomplish by this? Do you really have nothing better to do with your time?

  • dpolicar

    Fair enough. I’m sorry about it too.

  • Death_Star

    I wish we could end this more professionally, but alas…

    Pity you can’t hang out on private sites forever, meaning you can’t get me banned from the Internet, my fried.

    To that end you remain as disingenuous as ever, but there is no point arguing with you further since you clearly believe there is a distinction to be made between those that desire raping children and those that actually do. IMHO they both suffer from the same disease and deserve the same punishment – as do those who support them. This is where motives come into play, but sites like the Atlantic lacks the will to host real debate and not just that which promotes their ideological cause.

    We will agree to disagree and move on. See you in the real world. Remember me, because I will remember you.

    Have a nice life.

  • tricksterson

    Wasn’t at least one of the reasons the Republic of texas petitioned to join the USA because their economy was tanking?

  • tricksterson

    To me the only difference between a cult and a religion is time and numbers.

  • tricksterson

    Usually defined as “someone who likes something i think is gross”

  • dpolicar

    I’ve heard the “definition” that a cult is a religion the majority of whose members choose it, rather than being born into it.