‘Everywhere in the world …’

‘Everywhere in the world …’ May 30, 2014

I linked to this earlier, but I’m linking to it again here to reiterate that if you haven’t yet read #YesAllWomen, you really should.

These are personal testimonies. It’s Twitter, so each is necessarily short, but the cumulative effect is overwhelming. Story after story after story after story. Post after post, person after person. It’s been going on for nearly a week.

And, yeah, it’s Twitter, so there’s nothing to stop others from trying to co-opt or derail that steady stream of testimony. And it’s the Internet, and wherever women post on the Internet, angry men are sure to follow, cluelessly high-fiving each other every time they inadvertently confirm the very testimonies they imagine they’re shouting down. But skate past those and read the rest of #YesAllWomen.

No one’s personal testimony should be ignored. The personal testimonies of thousands and thousands of people cannot be ignored.


(That GoT .gif is a bit glitchy, the context is here.)

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