So who is this Gary Cass guy?

So who is this Gary Cass guy? September 8, 2014

Charisma seems to have realized that maybe there’s a downside to advocating genocide, and Sunday evening they decided to #TakeDownThatPost (see also: #CancelTheCrusades).

No comment, explanation, response or apology from Charisma. No repentance, no acknowledgement that genocide is, you know, evil. But mention of Gary Cass’s vile screed has disappeared from their site and links to the original article now return a 404 error.

You can still find the full article in all its ugly glory at the website for Cass’s own organization, the “Christian Anti-Defamation Commission,” where he has cheerfully titled his call for religious and ethnic cleansing, “I’m Islamaphobic, Are You?

And lest anyone think that describing it as being pro-genocide and all-in for ethnic cleansing is overstated, please note his subtitle, “Why We Cannot Co-exist.”

So who is this Gary Cass guy?

Well, he’s the pro-violence, pro-death guy who wants to kill a billion human beings. The rest is just trivia and details. I mean, once you announce that you’re advocating violence and the death of 2.6 million American citizens, the rest of your résumé becomes pretty irrelevant. When your opening statement is “We cannot coexist,” followed by an urgent call to slaughter one out of every seven people on Earth, that’s your defining characteristic. We don’t need to read your full ChristianMingle profile to know what kind of person you are.

But if you’re wondering where such a person comes from, well, here’s part of what Cass tells us about himself:

For twenty years Gary served as a pastor in the San Diego area and is a minister in the Presbyterian Church in America with graduate and post graduate degrees from Westminster Theological Seminary in California.

Wanna-be genocidaire Gary Cass.
Wanna-be genocidaire Gary Cass.

While serving as a pastor, Gary was recognized for his leadership in the pro-life movement and for helping other Christians get elected for political office.

A former Executive Committee Member of a major San Diego County political party, Gary also held a non-partisan elected office. He was given the Salt and Light Award by Dr. D. James Kennedy in 200 for his leadership in the San Diego area.

In 2004, Dr. Cass became the Executive Director of The Center for Reclaiming America for Christ, an outreach of Coral Ridge Ministries founded by Dr. D. James Kennedy. While serving Dr. Kennedy as the Executive Director of the Center for Reclaiming America for Christ, the Center was rated one of the top ten pro-family organizations in America.

So … PCA, anti-abortion, Coral Ridge dominionist, SoCal Republican, easily confused by grammar.

(And if you think his advocacy of violence, religious cleansing, mass sterilization and genocide might affect his “leadership in the pro-life movement,” then you haven’t been paying attention to the “pro-life movement.”)

The advisory board of Cass’s Christian Hegemony Commission thing is also somewhat instructive. It includes a bunch of right-wing Christian radio hosts, the president of Operation Rescue, Lou Sheldon, Don Wildmon (Bryan Fischer’s boss), and Mat Staver of the Liberty Counsel. OK, then.

Cass is an author — most recently of an e-book titled The Bizarre Sex Life of Mohammed. As that title suggests, this is a guy who likes shooting for publicity by shooting his mouth off. He’s got a history of doing that, too — most famously, perhaps, in the monthly videos he posted before the 2012 election claiming to provide “Irrefutable Proofs That Barack Obama Is NOT a Christian!” See this, for example:

That’s only tangentially a piece of anti-Obama propaganda. Mainly, it’s anti-Muslim propaganda, full of the same us-or-them eliminationist rhetoric in Cass’s most recent call for religious cleansing. It’s full of lies and absurdities, including the bizarre claim that “According to scripture, Islam is the doctrine of demons and originates in Hell.” Those words scroll above the background of a leatherbound Bible wrapped in an American flag. (For the record, the Bible mentions Islam exactly as many times as it mentions Hoboken, and for the same reason.)

Some more of Gary Cass’s greatest hits:

• “You can’t be a Christian if you don’t own a gun.”

• On ENDA: “Obama-care already forces businesses and organizations to pay for abortions, and now they could be forced to hire homosexuals. This is infuriating!” He titled that post, “Hey Mister, Nice Dress!

• Cass attempted to raise $30,000 alongside the legal defense of anti-gay zealot Scott Lively. He wasn’t part of Lively’s legal defense team, but he said he needed the money to identify and promote “incriminating evidence” against the judge hearing the case.

• Cass noted that the judge in Lively’s case “speaks the Ugandian language,” adding, “Maybe he ought to move to Uganda!

• “Darwin’s theory that life started from simple forms and evolved into more complex forms is being refuted almost daily.”

• “Every mosque in America … is an armory of Hell.”

• “Social justice in the progressive movement is simply religious code for Marxist redistribution.”

You get the idea, but here’s one more because it provides such a precise epitome of the guy: “Christians should be outraged at this behavior!” That’s Gary Cass in a frothy conniption over the Saturday Night Live sketch “DJesus Uncrossed,” which spoofed the violence of Quentin Tarantino movies by portraying a shotgun-wielding Jesus Christ.

For Gary Cass, a satiric sketch portraying Jesus mowing down his Roman oppressors constitutes an “anti-Christian, blasphemous attack.” But calling on Christians to “get a gun” and “learn to shoot” so that they can kill all Muslims and “crush the vicious seed of Ishmael in Jesus name” — that he sees as pious devotion.

He’s a sick individual — a little dumb, a lot dishonest, and hateful through and through. Gary Cass is a one-man Christian Defamation League.

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