Driving late at night I let you listen to the music you like

Driving late at night I let you listen to the music you like September 21, 2014

“I don’t want my 11-year-old daughter reading stories about incest, murder, and rape. None of this changes just because the cover of the book is a fake black shiny leather with gold printing on it.”

“Only a God willing to compromise on God’s word would write something like this.”

“We simply can’t get past the idea that we are more gracious and merciful than Jesus himself.”

“Sacrifice has no causal potency in the economy of God. Sacrifices bring about absolutely nothing.”

God is always approaching us as the stranger.”

“Many times, messing with someone’s money and flipping their tables is the only option.”

Rainbow“That all Christians should act the same way, say the same things, live in the same neighborhoods, not watch the same TV shows, and eat the same tender, scrumptious brains.”

“Fraud indicators and schemes are constantly evolving, becoming more sophisticated, and sometimes harder to detect. Auditors are encouraged to refer to the lists of fraud indicators and schemes when conducting their work, training new auditors about fraud, or conducting fraud training for other DoD personnel.”

“For some reason there are Dutch women looking on; I’m willing to overlook that because Gaugin knows what a fight looks like.”

My baby takes a contextual approach to understanding scripture.”

“Frankly, Wonder Woman is psychological propaganda for the new type of woman who should, I believe, rule the world.”

“Weird Al has been cool for so long because pop makes everybody feel uncool; that he is the only one to admit it has made him a pop star.”

“The landscape on which all that is built is washing away at a rate of a football field every hour, 16 square miles per year.”

The FMAs are much nicer people than the SHAs, more pleasant to be around, and can be wonderfully helpful and caring when you have a direct, personal problem.”

“We all have vampires in our lives. Remember that something bit them, too.”

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