‘Gets colder day by day’

‘Gets colder day by day’ January 2, 2015

Seems pretty simple, doesn’t it?

“I didn’t say get the story. … I said get the kid his peaches.”

He wanted Jesus Christ, but he gave us Harry Lime.

“A hundred years from now, Christians will proudly recall how they fought for LGBT rights at the beginning of the 21st Century …”

“This event is the most well-documented case of a human hit by a meteorite in history.”

It’s not a simple job — and it’s one best left to a mongoose.”

“Which brings me to the second thing you might expect if nuns ruled the world: Subtlety.”

Son, I’m very proud of you … but why you couldn’t you have gotten that horrible man to give you an ‘F’?”

“No one has ever created a single character with both the continuity and elasticity of The Report’s Stephen Colbert, much less kept it going it for nearly a decade.”

“I sure learned I didn’t want to be like, or even around people like Travis or his dad.”

“Thank you again and Molotov.”

“There was a tear in the fabric, and we’ve been stitching it.”

“This may be who we are, but it is not who we must always be.”

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