Two things … no, wait, three things

Two things … no, wait, three things July 9, 2015

First, a big, recurring Thank You to everyone who has set up a recurring donation to the Slacktivist tip jar. You are wonderful and generous and I’m obliged to rise to the trust and grace you’ve shown by not letting Other Things interfere with regular blogging here, as they have this week.

Second, Other Things have been interfering a bit with regular blogging here this week. And so, if you are able and inclined to do so, this would be an excellent time for non-recurring donations to the Slacktivist tip jar.

Third, since I don’t want today’s only post to be only a brazen, hat-in-hand money-beg, here is a photo of a pretty bug that has taken to visiting our front porch light.



The yellow-bulb front porch light (meant not to attract bugs — it does not work that way) doesn’t do justice to how very, very orange this pretty little visitor is. I’m guessing those oh-so-orange things are wings, but it didn’t deign to show those off for me.

To recap, then: Thank you. Please. Pretty bug.

Feel free to consider this post an open thread to discuss more important and/or more interesting matters in comments (which I guess means, really, four things).

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