Postcards from the class and culture wars (4.4.18)

Postcards from the class and culture wars (4.4.18) April 4, 2018

“The president, by his own admission, makes stuff up.”

“For the moment, it looks like Pruitt is in the lead.”

“It reflects a hero narrative, which many white men long to feel a part of.”

The members of the International Wildlife Conservation Council … include a reality-TV safari hunting guide, a former beauty queen, gun industry representatives, members and affiliates of a controversial trophy hunting group, and a veterinarian associated with an exotic animal breeding facility in Florida that sells endangered animals to roadside zoos.”

“It is important for students to learn about the free market. How else would they discover that money actually can buy everything … Including history.”

“It’s a familiar story: private equity loads up companies with debt, strips out the profits, and leaves the carcass along the road in the aftermath.”

“If you have seen the movie Goodfellas, you may recall the scene where the mob takes over a bar: they run up bills on the company’s credit, rob the place blind, and then, when they’ve gotten as much as they can, burn the place down and walk away. That is only a very slight exaggeration of the real business model of private equity.”

“There is little precedent for a top White House official meeting with executives of companies as they contemplate sizable loans to his business, say government ethics experts.”

Who cares? This is not our responsibility. … I just don’t want to be near the homeless.”

“You get all their worst ideologies in one package.”

“It not only harms workers, but it allows unscrupulous construction companies and other employers in dangerous industries to hire unauthorized immigrants, take safety shortcuts, and know they won’t be financially responsible for any injuries that occur.”

“It’s kind of like having a teenage kid that wants a better car.”

“People are working, but they do go in and out of work … when they’re out of work, that’s when they turn to SNAP. It tells us something about the nature of low-wage jobs.”

Henry’s cooperation was a coup for law enforcement.”

They make anti-vaxxers seem rational.”

Pinkerton’s appearance in the Frontier saga makes sense for a number of reasons.”

Chase maintains a trust office that makes loans to the rich, but no retail branches that trigger enforcement of the Community Reinvestment Act.”

“The boy was crying as federal agents ordered him into the government vehicle. Tell your mother goodbye, they said.”

“This is something to help teachers and instead they’re just kind of targeting them.”

“We have Billy Graham to thank for that dubious distinction, and it’s worth looking back in the wake of his passing to see how his form of folksy American pious politics morphed into a power grab by evangelicals to establish their particular brand of theocracy in America.”

This is extremely dangerous to our democracy.”

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